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Feb 11, 2008 09:39 AM

Greek Gourmet on Avenue Rd. - delish.

Can’t believe it’s not busier. Incredible pan fried sole. Oh dear this sole is truly a thing of wonder. Drool. Wonderful Moussaka and Gryos. Rice that immediately sets itself apart from other Greek spots. And housemade Tzatziki. Killer. Also, the greek salad is never an afterthought, which I find many other good Greek spots suffer from. Fresh crisp veggies, perfectly dressed and seasoned. Friendly staff always. Nothing fancy, but quiet and pleasant. A real find if you’ve never been. Avenue Rd, just north of Lawrence on West side.

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  1. Magic-I agree it's a pretty good spot but I think you're overdoing it a little. I often pick up a Greek chicken salad for dinner and they have a good lunch special on Thursday and Friday-chicken or pork sovlaki on a bun or pita with fries or Grekk Salad for about $8.00 including tax. Very fresh and a good sized portion. FYI-I find the rice and potatoes exactly like other Greek spots.

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    1. re: robb

      I tend to agree - it's good, although not super spectacular. I find the menu just like all the other greek places, with the standard platters, of garlic bread, greek salad, rice, potatoes, tzatziki, and skewers of meat. But I much prefer it over Mr. Greek and other such chains - I find the rice better, tzatziki (as noted above) a nicer homemade type, and the greek salad nicer. Also, the moussaka is quite good. If you live near Avenue rd and Lawrence, and have a craving for Mr. Greek style greek food, it's definately a notch better.

        1. re: magic

          big thumbs up from me as well on Greek Gourmet..I just had it for the first time while walking by yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Its not the rainbow room by any stretch of the imagination but, it's a good neighbourhood find.

            1. re: magic

              Anyone know what’s going on with Greek Gourmet??

              Driven by a few times recently, only to see it closed, with a sign reading “Closed due to bad weather”.

              What’s going on? I grow concerned.

              1. re: magic

                I believe that they have suffered water damage. No date set to open as of yet. I have walked by this place for the past 3 years and have never gone in. Thank you all for opening a new door for me.

                1. re: theresah

                  Hmm, that seems to be reasonable. I do hope they open soon.

                  Did the sign about bad weather give you this info??

                  In any case, thanks!

                  1. re: magic

                    No, the sign reads "due to water damage we will be closed today". Hope this helps.

    2. Anyone know if this is the same Greek Gourmet that used to be on east side of Yonge Street north of Lawrence closer to Yonge Blvd? It was pretty good then They were in a very large space and I am sure the rent was high - perhaps they moved to Avenue Rd.

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      1. re: ksapd

        Yup, this is the same place. Food stayed the same (in other words, really good) when it moved to Avenue Road. They moved to Avenue Rd/Lawrence 4 years ago I'd say...

        Wonder if they've reopened post water damage yet....?

        1. re: magic

          Just walked by an hour ago and yes they are still closed due to water damage. Let's wish them luck.

          1. re: theresah

            I don't know.....that's a long time to be closed for water damage.... I am definitely wishing them luck. Thanks for the update.

            1. re: magic

              Though this might be the least popular thread on this board I thought I'd post an update. Walked past today, and it was STILL closed, after 3 weeks or so! But for those of you who care - good news. Someone was inside so I got him to come outside. The guy was an employee and said there truly were water leakage issues and it would likely reopen within a week. Since it had been closed for several weeks due to ‘water damage’ I feared the worst. Turns out it really just was water damage (according to him). Not sure why it is taking so long to fix. But I look fwd to it opening again. Good little spot.

              1. re: magic

                It might have caused structural damage. A big no-no if you're planning on putting humans between the walls. Please post when it opens again.

                1. re: Googs

                  Haha, this is true. OK, Will do.

      2. Chicken souvlaki is one of my favorite things to eat!

        Thanks for the reccomendation, my favorite local greek place closed down a few months ago and I haven't had any in ages

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        1. re: duckdown

          Pleasure! Honestly, I've never even had their souvlaki. I tend to stick with their pan-fried sole, gyros on pita, and moussaka. So can't vouch for the souvlaki. Hopefully it's good. When I saw it on another table it looked fairly standard, but who knows. If you want really great chicken souvlaki go to Mashu Mashu on Spadina, just north of St. Clair. It's actually shish kebab, but if you like beautifully made souvlaki you'll like Mashu Mashu's kebabs.

          1. re: magic

            Also sounds amazing.

            Will definitely check both of these out, at earliest convenience

            thanks, cheers!

              1. re: magic

                I walked by today and it appears that they are still closed. Does anyone have an update as to when they will be opening?

                1. re: theresah

                  I know, at this stage I seriously doubt their problems are related to water damage. It's been close for darn near 2 months! According to someone I spoke to who was inside the restaurant on Feb 7 it was supposed to reopen weeks ago! So obviously something is not right there. If it opens again I'll be surprised. And happy! Crossing my fingers but not holding my breath…

                  Other than that, I am profoundly uninformative. Sorry :(

                  If anyone else has some info I’m very curious too.

                  1. re: magic

                    Their voice mail still says something like "we are closed due to water damage" - i called last week, and it was the same message as a month earlier.

                    Clearly there is more going on than just water damage that needs fixing - it doesn't look promising!

        2. Sad state of affairs in the Greek cuisine world when one place can garner so much attention and get stretched into so many repies!

          Is it that we're so lacking for good Greek food in the city that this is so?

          If that's the case, maybe I'll just take over that lease and show everyone what real Greek food should be....but will you all come, is the question!

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            1. re: magic

              Just walked by and the water damage sign is down and the tables are set. Although, the windows are covered in moisture. Not sure if it is open, but looks promising.

              1. re: theresah

                Funny you mention this. I noticed this as well, so I just called them up today and someone actually answered. Which surprised me. He said they reopened up for delivery over the weekend (maybe for takeout too, I can’t recall 100%) and that hopefully they’d follow suit with opening the actual dining area quite soon. Seeing as they’ve been closed for what, like 3 months now, it’s amazing that they’ve survived their water damage. Incredible. Good for them. If all goes well I look forward to returning soon! Thanks for the update: )

                1. re: magic

                  haha you really been jonesin for this place eh?

                    1. re: magic

                      Great news! I walked by last night and there were people eating dinner inside of the restaurant. Now I will get to try out the hot local spot.

                      1. re: theresah

                        Haha, well done Greek Gourmet. Well done.

                        Listen, I caution you though that it's far from a hotspot. It's downhome, no frills food. But it's done right. If it's your first time there I would definitely suggest the pan fried sole. Soooooo good. Otherwise, the moussaka or gyros in pita. Their rice is delish too. But do it right.... sole first time out.

          1. Went there last night with two kids and the meal was VERY tasty, the service very friendly and the price very reasonable. Would highly recommend this place over similar spots.