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Feb 11, 2008 09:39 AM

Oliver Bonacini - recipie for Mac&Cheese [Moved from Ontario board]

The mac and cheese at Oliver Bonacini (Bayview Village and possibly other locations may have this) is the best I have ever had. Somehow it is amazingly rich and yet light at the same time. I heard that the recipie was once available on CityLine as Michael Bonacini often appears on the show but I can't find the recipie anywhere. Anyone happen to have this or know where to find it? It also happens to be my husband's favourite and I'd love to make it for him on Valentine's Day.

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  1. I agree that it is wonderful; it's especially delicious in the winter weather we've been having.
    Just in case the recipe doesn't materialize, Martha Stewart has an excellent recipe for homemade mac and cheese that relies on a basic white sauce, mixed white cheeses, and a little grated nutmeg for zest and complexity. If you like O&B, you'll like this dish, as well.

    1. I wasn't sure I could find it, but here is the link on MS's website; the recipe is taken from her magazine in 2001:

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        you know what, I've actually made that one, a few times, even! It is quite good, but it just isn't quite the same as O&B. Somehow their sauce is lighter. Thanks for the suggestion, though

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          If you google "Michael Bonacini Macaroni and Cheese" there's a recipe that pops up for "Adult Macaroni and Cheese". Maybe that's the one you're looking for!

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            oh man I can't believe I didn't think of googling that specific line! That could be just the recipie. Now in the restaurant, they add chicken, and I can't recall if it had a breadcrumb topping, but in any case, if the sauce is the same, that is the main thing. The addition of dijon mustard might the secret ingredient--I wouldn't have thought of adding that. Thanks!!

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              Glad I could be of help - hope it turns out as deliciously as it sounds.

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              I have a soft spot for the mac and cheese at that restaurant, as well. While the recipe looks great, the one in the restaurant has goat cheese in it as well, plus it uses an aged white cheddar. So maybe try the recipe with those slight adjustments. Good luck and please report back on your experiments!

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                Here is the link to Oliver Bonacini's recipe from Cityline - it uses leftover turkey. Not sure if this is what you are looking for. Good luck