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Feb 11, 2008 09:39 AM

Fun Sushi Place for a group - DC?

I am looking for a fun/good sushi place for a group of 6 or so on a weekend night. Any thoughts? Maybe a place with traditional Japanese seating and an extensive sake menu? Thanks

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  1. Tachibana in McLean was where I had a group of 10 for dinner on a Sat. night. Food was yummy, and a lot of it. They screened off a little area for us so we felt like we had a private room. Beware tho, you should make reservation early. I tried to go for lunch a few Sats ago, and the line was a mile long....

    1. Sushi Taro in Dupont has traditional seating, but def. make a res - waiting for even just 2 people (table/ bar whatever) can be out the door (and down the stairs) on a weekend during primetime.