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Nov 28, 2001 12:53 AM

Kaya Sushi Venice

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I passed by this place tonight and it looked interesting. Anyone been there?

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    Mark Nakayama Ginsberg

    It's a Korean sushi bar. I thought it was rather pricey. A place for the Marina's pretty people to watch each other while eating so-so sushi.

    Go to Tsuji No Hana about two blocks away, It's much better.

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    1. re: Mark Nakayama Ginsberg

      I also recommend Wabi Sabi on Abbot Kinney near Venice Blvd. Excellent fish, particularly the toro, shiro maguro, and hamachi, and a good selection, too. I prefer Wabi Sabi's more refined atmosphere over that of Hana, too, which is somewhat shabby and has become too much like a frat party for my tastes recently.

      1. re: chris g.

        I've been to Tsuji No Hana - maybe it was just a bad day, but the food bordered on inedible. The fish was extremely fishy, wasn't cut well, and my guest and I left feeling sick. Is it just inconsisent?