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Feb 11, 2008 09:35 AM

Memphis in March

I am going to in Memphis this March. Any suggestions? Looking for one nice place and one BBQ Joint.

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  1. I'd suggest Felicia Suzanne's for excellent contemporary Southern as your nice place. For bbq, there are endless choices. The best pork sandwich is at Payne's, but you have to be willing to venture into the ghetto and eat in a place with zero atmosphere. For great bbq with a little more atmosphere, go to Central BBQ. Cozy Corner is also great for lunch if you are downtown.

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      I agree with Payne's as best sandwich, though I wouldn't characterize it as "the ghetto" nor "zero atmosphere." I would say it's a neighborhood you want to be careful in, though that fits for a large chunk of the city, and I would say the atmosphere is uniquely unpretentious! I love it - in fact, you can see a few photos at

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        I registered just so I can respond to tennreb. The use of the term ghetto to refer to the location of Paynes is offensive and inaccurate. Please revisit the areas of the places you call ghetto. Also, appreciate that the term ghetto has extremely negative connotations the way you use the word.

        Paynes is nice. Cozy Corner is Great. Central BBQ is good if you want something other than, or in addition to, pork and chicken.

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          Agreed RUKIDDING, thanks for posting.

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            Oh please, I have have lived in the Memphis ghetto, spent my money at plenty of businesses in the ghettos in Memphis, and dodged the bullets flying through the Memphis ghetto, yet I still love it. I don't need some ivory tower liberal telling me what I can and cannot call my neighborhood. Payne's isn't nice. It's in an old gas station that hasn't changed much since it was a gas station. It has all the charm of a concrete building with concrete floors and concrete walls. Yet, the food is great, so I go there all the time.

            1. re: tennreb

              I'll second Tennreb on the neighborhood description and the food quailty at Payne's but the concrete building is atmosphere. It is what so many new places that are so much more chichi wish they could emulate. It's history and personality in location. Besides the best BBQ really can be found in some of the scariest looking places, places you aren't quite sure passed the health department inspection.

              But if the idea of going into the 'hood worries you stick to Central BBQ, good food and they have a bit of atmosphere too.

              1. re: bubblet4me

                The Area doesn't bother me. Some of my best meals have been some scary places! Thanks for the advice fellow foodies!

          1. For BBQ, my top choices are Interstate on South 3rd and the BBQ Shop on Madison. Also, Tom's BBQ at Getwell and Raines is quickly becoming my favorite in Memphis. The service is fast, and the sandwiches are delicious. I've never been very impressed with Central so I'd skip it.

            For nicer dining, I just had a really great dinner at Umai. Umai is located on Madison near Overton Square. It's small and attached to a kwik chek, but it's really fun. The service is excellent, and every bit of food I've had there was scrumptious.