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Feb 11, 2008 09:29 AM

Looking for steaks with casual, younger crowd in mid town

Can anyone recommend a restaurant near MSG with typical menu steaks, french onion soup (a must !), etc.... not looking for anything fancy ... just somewhere to eat and have a few drinks prior to a show at MSG. Thanks !!

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    1. Don't know about the french-onion soup requirement but Keens Steakhouse (72 W. 36th St) is near MSG and has a great typical steakhouse menu. Even closer to MSG is Nick & Stef's (9 Penn Plaza) which is fine but IMO not in the same league as Keens.


      Nick & Stef's

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        Tupela, across the street from Nick and Stef's. Check for the soup, they have specials all the time.

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          I don't think Keens is really a younger crowd. Artisanal seems to be more of what the OP is looking for (at least in terms of age).

          And Artisanal is not a fancy place at all. It's pretty casual, loud and boisterous.

        2. Obviously both Artisanal and Keen's are better, fancier places. But if you're looking for a lower price point and a reasonably decent meal, you may actually want to consider Tir Na Nog (33rd and 8th) If you get a table away from all of the after-work happy hour hubbub, it's okay. The food's better than you'd expect. I don't see french onion soup on their menu, but the apps there are worth trying. The after work crowd is more "commuter" than young.

          ... but it's only steps away from the garden.

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            Try Coopers Tavern also, a new one of my favs in the area. They have special soups too.

            Or Uncle Jacks.

          2. You might want to go to Staghorn Steakhouse. It bills itself as a traditional steakhouse with a modern design. My vote is always for Keens, but this seems to be more what you are looking for.
            315 W36th Street btw. 8th & 9th.