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Feb 11, 2008 09:28 AM

Value dining near Fort Mason?

Any suggestions for good food, casual dining at modest cost near Fort Mason/east end of the Marina? Greens and A16 are more than we want to spend on top of concert tickets and more meal-as-occasion than we'll have time for. Holes in walls are fine, but unlikely in this high rent neighborhood. Anyone have a recent experience at either Dragon Well or Pacific Catch?

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  1. Bombay Feast aka Bombay Curry House is nearby and inexpensive. No recent reports.

    Mezes is good and prices are moderate.

    Baker Street Bistro is the best value in the neighborhood. If their Web site's not out of date, they still charge only $14.50 for the daily three-course prix-fixe menu.

    Baker Street Bistro
    2953 Baker St, San Francisco, CA 94123

    Bombay Feast
    2034 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA

    2373 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

    1. Pacific Catch is pretty consistent but can get pretty busy too (not sure what time/day you're looking to go.) Mamacita's is pretty reasonable--again can be busy depending on time. If you're looking for seafood, I'd recommend making a reservation at the bar for Zushi Puzzle. Not too pricey and Roger will take great care of you. It's about 6-8 blocks to Ft. Mason from there.

      1. Chestnut and the side streets are lined with faves are Isa and Bistro Aix (both on Steiner betw. Chestnut & Lombard). Not sure if they are more involved than what you are thinking. Isa used to do an early diner special that was a good deal, not sure if they still do - and not sure what time of day you would be there. There is an Indian place (Ashoka) in the first block of Chestnut after Fillmore. Circa, the large place on the corner, got a good review from M. Bauer, though I have to say my experience there was quite different - haven't been back. Laiola (?sp) is a new place which seems to be liked, but I think it may add up - small plates. A couple of doors down from Dragon Well is Andale - I have friends who like it, I haven't been. I've always enjoyed Pacific Catch, but it does get very crowded, as noted. Steiner is lined with restaurants down both sides in the block betw. Chestnut and Lombard as well.

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          A lot of those places are in the same price range as A16.

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            The early bird special at Isa is replaced by a $22.95 2 course prix fixe Monday thru Thurs. Food is good as always but no longer a bargain. On average, it is about $2 cheaper than ordering individually. Do check your bill. I am not sure if it is the server problem or system problem, I often found they charge me by individual order than the prix fixe. They always correct my bill. But, it really annoys me that I stopped going until they have the former Kabuto cheif working there recently.

          2. I'm a big fan of Dragon get great food, nice ambiance, all at a reasonable price. I'd also suggest Zushi Puzzle, although we usually rack up a pretty big bill there.

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