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Feb 11, 2008 09:26 AM

what happened to Icon Grill ?

I used to be a long time regular at Icon Grill, but I moved away and hadn't been there in about 6 months. I went there Saturday night and was extremely disappointed, both on Sat night and the morning after :(

The menu had changed. I had the fettucine with chicken, which tasted off to me and my girlfriend. She had the sole which was decent. Friends had prime rib, which they didn't like. Mac & Cheese was excellent as usual. Service was a little off; I didn't recognize any of the staff. The next morning, both me & my girfriend were in severe pain, and spent a while in the bathroom.

Have they changed management or chefs?

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  1. I agree with your sentiments. I took a girlfriend there during the holidays, after raving about the place, and the experience seemed a bit “off” for both of us. The over-the-top Christmas decorations did not help.

    As solid as the Mac and Cheese is there, I don’t know if I will be raving about them again anytime soon. They seem to be off their game these days.

    1. I have had two terrible meals at Icon - fair to mediocre food, and BAD service. In my book, two strikes and they're out, so buh-bye, Icon.

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        Looks like the Icon Grill is on their way out, whether they like it or not, to make way for a large condo/hotel project.

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          didn't the icon sell a few years ago? I don't think they've been on their 'game' in quite some time...

      2. I haven't been in a while so I can't say but they did open another restaurant in Kent called Zephyr Grill & Bar. Maybe their just spread to thin now, don't know?

        1. they are owned by Applebee's now, I believe.

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            They are not owned by Applebee’s. Applebee’s is a company that franchises the Applebee’s brand restaurants. That Applebee’s company was recently purchased by the company that franchises the IHOP pancake restaurant chain.
            The company that owns ICON Grill in downtown Seattle and Zephyr Grill & Bar locations in Kent, WA and Livermore, CA also operates franchised locations of Applebee’s in California.
            You should not judge a restaurant by the other restaurants in the owner’s portfolio. One of the most prestigious restaurants in California is The Sardine Factory in Monterey. The same company that owns that operates several Burger King franchised locations also. Believe me, The Sardine Factory is not the same restaurant as your neighborhood Burger King.

          2. We had dinner last week at the Zephyr Grill, the "Chicken Fried Sirloin" was to die for, the best I've ever tasted. I had the bacon wrapped meatloaf sliders and they were pretty good too.