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Feb 11, 2008 09:26 AM

Birthday Dinner - Seeking the city's best Sashimi

I would like to take a friend of mine, who happens to be a chef, for a great birthday dinner. His favorite happens to be sashimi and sushi. Ideally I'd like to stay in the downtown area, but it is worth the drive, we'll make the hike.


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  1. IMO Sushi Kaji is worth the drive and the best in the extended GTA. I've yet to eat anywhere comparable, even Hashimoto - which was very good, but different. There is usually a selection of 3 Omakase meals $80/100/120. Unless both of you have very large appetites, I'd recommend only one of you ordering the largest. You can share the extra plates and still be extremely stuffed.

    Edit - btw do a search and you'll find several threads discussing the merits of several of the top Japanese restaurants in the city.

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      I agree with Apprentice. IMO, nothing else in the GTA is in the same league.

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          I am sorry, but I do not agree here if the focus is to be sushi/sashimi.

          Kaji bills itself as "fine Japanese dining." It is indeed good, if that is what you want. Plus, I may be just guessing, but it is probably more than you want to spend on a birthday dinner. However, Kaji may be appreciated by a chef because they do many dishes extremely well and the flavours are new and exciting.

          If you want sushi and sashimi, I say Aoyama or Zen, but both are far out of the way, or if you must stay downtown, Takesushi or many people will probably reccomend Hiro, etc.