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Nov 27, 2001 03:01 PM

Where to find good olive bread and perogi (Lakewood/LB) ?

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Just want to holler and see if anybody can recommend a good loaf of olive bread or some (hey, now, no Polish jokes) perogi, por favor, down Lakewood or say ... Long Beach way. thoughts ? comments ? suggestions ?

Got a nice loaf of painstakingly yeast-freed olive bread at the Santa Monica (2nd St.) Market the day before Thanksgiving and ... yum. want something similar tastewise. something in the Mmmmm category.

And as for perogi, I'll always be partial to my mom's but ... are there any killer dumplings of Polish persuasion to be found in great Southern California ?

Many thanks.


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  1. Spaghettini Cucina at the LB Marketplace (PCH & 2nd) has a good olive bread. I think there's a Russian place in downtown LB that has pierogi - I remember a posting on this board about it last winter.

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    1. re: LBQT

      The Russian place downtown LB has pierogi, but they're awfully dry and crumbly. Are they supposed to be like that? They were nothing like the Polish kind.

      Cafe Rus
      340 E 4th St
      Long Beach, CA 90802
      (562) 951-1154

      1. re: Heather

        I realized that what I ate were probably piroshki and NOT pierogi.

        I guess I'm not a piroshki gal.

        Pierogi Palace delivers. I went to the West Side Market a year ago and we had a pierogi fest--something like 150 varieties, but I love cabbage the best. And they're CHEAP!