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Feb 11, 2008 09:10 AM

Best Bloody Mary in MSP

I am looking for the best bloody mary in MSP, I like them spicy and loaded up with all the accoutrements! Please give me some tips!

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  1. Some may say Ike's, and it is a good pick. It certainly comes packed full of crap to eat...the problem, all that crap (it has a shrimp...and a beef stick amongst like 13 other thing). takes up room in the glass that should be filled with bloody mary. Good mix, not too spicy, expensive.

    The best? Spring Street Tavern on Monroe in NE. Incredible house-made mix with just the right amount of worchestershire and herbs. Whether they make it or you make it yourself, you can get it packed with crap and ask for it on the side. $3 with Abolute (yack) or $5 with Stoli on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    Honorable mention: Jax, Firelake, Chino (with sriracha), Uptowner.

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    1. re: Foureyes137

      Thank you for the feedback! I have a whole list of new places to grab a bloody now, only tasted Chino's offering from your list. is the spring street tavern a good brunch, or any at all?

      1. re: spicytess

        No brunch but great breakfast, especially if you are hung over ;) It is a character-filled local spot with generous pulltabs, strong drinks, and an unstopable #9.

      2. re: Foureyes137

        I must have been asleep for a decade or more when it comes to mixed drinks. When did meat become a blood mary garnish? I went on a fishing trip and the guy making the Bloody Mary's was adding beef sticks....don't get me wrong, I like it, but it struck me as odd.

      3. triple rock's bloody mary qualifies (spiced up nicely), but only comes with pickle, olive & beer back. it comes in a nice big pint glass though, and is the bloody mary i frequently crave.

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        1. re: soupkitten

          At least a few years ago, the same bloody mary was served at Grumpy's on Washington, I heard because they had some bartenders in common.

          1. re: katebauer

            tic-tak! the bartender in common, that is--that's his name, with the tattooed sideburn dots and the grumpy, lovable demeanor-- also at 1st ave. . . i digress. not sure if tic-tak still works at grumpy's downtown but according to dh he was about a year ago-- but the bloody mary in question was developed at triple rock, by billy, and is justly attributed to this west bank punk rock institution. grumpy's downtown is a lovely bar as well--i agree with McGeary that the punk-rock soundtrack at 3rock puts my heart a-fluttering, and the breakfast at 3rock is sublime, and i always seem to run into old friends at 3rock. . . but the atmosphere might not be everyone's (or everyone's gramma's) cup of tea. grumpy's is a nice, slightly tamer, alternative--still with enough edge to it (and a good jukebox as well). better pooltables at grumpy's. the old timers on staff are among the best barstaff in town. . . ah, memories.

            1. re: soupkitten


              tik tak doesn't work at grumpy's (much to my chagrin, as i DO!), but he can often be found sitting on the customer side of our bar. he does work at the triple rock, though. i believe that meg usually works brunch at triple rock, and i have never had a bad bloody from her. nor from any of the bartenders there, either. a great staff, in my opinion.

          2. re: soupkitten

            You beat me to it, SK . . . started my day off with one of these yesterday and loved it. Nice and spicy and no-nonsense; also pretty strong. Great breakfast food, too. And it's all served to a kickass punk-rock soundtrack (which gets me dewy-eyed with nostalgia for my misspent youth, but might not be everybody's cup of tea).

          3. If you want it loaded, Hell's Kitchen's comes with a SHRIMP in it! That's about as loaded as it gets.

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            1. re: Jordan

              but since hell's doesn't have a full bar, it's made of beer, not vodka. some people love 'em and some not so much.

              1. re: soupkitten

                Thanks! I have heard triple rock has a great one, and a pickle and olives may qualify as plenty of fillers is the mix is as good as you say. The shrimp at Hells Kitchen really enticed me, I am glad you posted the info on the beer. I ahve never had a bloody with beer and not sure if I would like that! Thanks...

                1. re: spicytess

                  Another vote for the Triple Rock Bloody here.

                  The Hell's Kitchen Bloody is made with Summit EPA, if I recall correctly. I'm on Team "not so much" as far as they're concerned. I can't help thinking that it just tasted like they haven't washed their glasses between cocktails.

                  Palomino used to put shrimp in their Bloodys too. I don't know if that's still the case.

                  1. re: blue_skiesMN

                    The Chatterbox does one with Sake that I find quite good. I don't think I would like Summit in one though.

                  2. re: spicytess

                    I have had good Bloody Mary's made with beer, but Hell's Kitchen's are pretty bad. I do not care for them at all.

                  3. re: soupkitten

                    Now that this thread has been bumped, I wonder if the new Hell's has a full liquor license. I must confess that I didn't pay any attention to the bar when I was there.

                    1. re: Jordan

                      They do! Though I didn't partake in any cocktails the last time I was there--just beer.

                2. I love the Bloody Marys at the Town Talk. On Sundays, they include a pickle wrapped in cream cheese wrapped in ham. The best! They have a few variations so I'm sure there's one that's spicy enough for you.

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                  1. re: drew13000

                    Never had it but but I heard the Bloody at Floyd's in Victoria was the be all end all.

                  2. I was at Bryant Lake Bowl two Sundays ago, and I saw the bartender making Bloody Marys and it looked quite impressive. I did not order one though. I think Uptown has a very good one as well as screwdrivers that you could buy a cool glass to go with it! Come to think of it, didn't the Poodle club on Lake Street have a Sunday breakfast deal between 10 and 10:30 where you could get Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers cheap???

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                    1. re: mahlerii

                      Poodle Club is closed at last, thank heavens. The new owners sandblasted off the layers of stale smoke, grease and beer puddles to open an "Irish bues pub." Summit, Guiness and Harp on tap, plus decent fish & chips.

                      1. re: KTFoley

                        Just a quick note on McMahon's Irish Pub (the former Poodle Club). No Summit on tap, the owner seems to be of the opinion that if it's not Irish, it's crap. They do, however, have a Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays...


                        1. re: Dragon

                          Check the tap list, it is not all Diageo swill there.

                          1. re: bigchow

                            Darned if you're not right...Summit's listed as a tap. In real life, it's not on tap there, but it's listed. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who's gonna fix that web site...