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Feb 11, 2008 09:06 AM

Noodles with oyster sauce?

Hi. I used to come into Chinatown with my parents and there was a restaurant on Mott Street that used to serve noodles with oyster sauce. Is there anyplace that sells it in the city? Thanks.

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  1. Can you provide more information about the noodle? It is the Cantonese style wonton noodle (not in soup, aka Cantonese lo mein) with scallion, ginger, and oyster sauce (with small bowl of soup on the side)? Or is it a stir fried noodle? Does it have meat?

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      Hi. I remember it just being plain - no liquid and no meat. I think there might have been green flecks of something, but it was more just a garnish.

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        Perhaps it is the same noodle used for Cantonese pan fried dishes. This type of noodle is already cooked and it is dropped in boiling hot water, taken out and then placed under a broiler (or in the oven) to get the top a bit crispy. I'd guess the green bits are scallions. I'm sure any number of Cantonese style restaurants would make it for you if you describe it to them. Was the Oyster Sauce then just poured over the top of the noodles or was it mixed in?

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          Hi cidonie,

          I think you are referring to the Cantonese style (or Hong Kong style) lo mein. The style that you are referring to does not have a crispy top (which will be pan fried noodles, a different Cantonese style noodles). They are simply boiled and topped with toppings like plain scallion or sauce or with meat, with a small bowl of soup on the side. They are available at New Wonton Garden on Mott Street and NY Noodletown on Bowery. It is on their menu.

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            Yogee will make it with any kind of noodles you like, crispy or not, although it is not on their menu. They feature Soy Sauce Fried Noodles but can use Oyster Sauce instead.

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              I remember eating oyster sauce lo mein with snow peas many years ago and hadn't even thought about that dish until very recently.