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Feb 11, 2008 08:38 AM

BYOB for Friday night (Baltimore)

I boughtboyfriend a bottle of Reisling and we were planning to drink it over the weekend but we didnt. so now the plan is to go out Friday night and have it with some good food. Our typical favorite place to go with BYOB is Orchard Market in Towson. I live in Mt. Vernon and he lives in Pikesville so anywhere in the city or county is good and we eat all kiinds of food. Its not a particularly good bottle of wine, more a sentimental thing, so doesn't need to be over fancy (though most of those arent BYOB anyways). Where should we go?

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  1. Asahi is BYOB if you like Sushi. Winks over in Brewer's Hill is still BYOB I believe. I haven't been there in a while but I assume that Iggie's is BYOB.

    1. Ahh, BYO, love it! How I wish more places would do it. Off the top of my head i thought of these three places bc i've been there and BYO'd:
      Thai Arroy in Fed Hill
      Darker Than Blue over on York Rd in Waverly
      El Rinconcito Peruano aka: the Peruvian Chicken place in Butcher's Hill

      And then, i stumbled upon this list. Check it out. Def call ahead, this list isn't current since I know Joy America has closed down.

      1. The Dogwood in Hampden is still BYOB, and offers a bit more upscale menu & setting.

        1. Iggie's right in Mt. Vernon is BYOB. Definitely gets crowded Friday nights though - I was there last Friday and it was super busy. Great pizza.