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Feb 11, 2008 08:24 AM

Fredericksburg - Recomendations Needed

I am in need of suggestions for a place for dinner Saturday Feb 16th in Fredericksburg. I have never been there, so I do not know what to expect. I am looking for some place nice to celebrate an anniversary, price is not an object, and any type of cuisine is ok.

Any thoughts?

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  1. We had a wonderful family dinner for Christmas at Rose Hill Manor which is just outside of town in Stonewall. Very romantic, I think it would be ideal for an anniversary meal.

    1. We just love Fredericksburg so here would be my suggestions, depending on type of food you like. Navajo Grill would be my first recommendation. It's kind of got a nouveau Tex-Mex vibe to it and the food has always been outstanding when we've been. Second recommendation would be the Cotton Gin restaurant. More "American" (but some "southwest") and still very good. I've not been impressed with most of the German food, and especially not for a "special" night out, but have heard good things about the new place that the original chef from Navajo opened, Bonterra. Haven't tried it yet, so can't guarantee that one. Then there's the one that everyone I talk to always recommends but we have yet to try: August E's. So my recommendations would be:

      Navajo Grill
      Cotton Gin
      August E's*
      (* noting we have not tried these, just been told they're good)

      And if you really want to spoil her, pick up some of the wonderful chocolates from Chocolat! Try the peach schnapps filled one or the rum filled. YUMMY! (Their website: )

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        I would check out Rebecca Rather's new place, Rebecca's Table.

      2. This suggestion isn't for your special dinner on Saturday, but if you have some extra time on the way out of town (and like great BBQ) I'd suggest making the trip to nearby Llano for some Cooper's BBQ. It's definatley worth it!!!

        1. Navajo Grill - Great
          Der Lindenbaum - best German I've ever eaten

          1. Hope you checked out The Hill Top Cafe, just west of town towards Mason.