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Feb 11, 2008 08:23 AM

Portsmouth-ish (VA) Deli for Take Away Lunches?

Some colleagues and I will be staying at the Renaissance Portsmouth for almost 2 weeks. We will be in training 12 hours a day in Suffolk, VA (Lake View Parkway area). Knowing that our lunch options will be severely limited (uh, Wendy's), we are thinking that maybe we can pick up boxed lunches from a deli or the like.

Anyone have any suggestions that are not too far from Lake View Parkway in Suffolk or that we could pick up on the way to training in the morning?

Obviously, we could always have the hotel make us some lunches, but that is likely to get old pretty quick. It is our fall back plan.



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  1. gustaf,

    There are a couple of other places around Lake View besides Wendy's - all pretty much chains. There is a bakery/deli in downtown Portsmouth on High Street - I hear it's pretty good and think it opens early for breakfast - there are quite a few restaurants on High Street and the surrounds - some very nice too. On RT 17 (on your way to the Lake View complex but continue past 664) the Bennett's Creek Farm Market has sandwiches, chicken, etc and they are great - you can even call ahead and they'll have it ready.

    I work on the complex, and yeah, other than chains, it's tough eating.

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    1. re: vanative

      I don't know how you survive. MREs maybe? Or PB&Js from home?

      I will check into the Portsmouth bakery/deli. And I will have to check out Bennett's Creek as well. Thanks for your advice! I was worried we'd be Frosty-ed out by the time training is over.


    2. I also work in N. Suffolk and think that Bennett's Creek is just what you are looking for. They have sandwiches to go, as well as hot entrees they will box up for you. They have breakfast items to go. Check out their web site:

      There is also a Subway just south of JWFC in the Food Lion shopping center, and a new Quizno's further south on Western Branch -- but probably not open in the morning. If you want to pick up on your way, Bennett's Creek would be the best bet.

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      1. re: 23451bum

        It looks like Bennet's Creek is just what we need. I called and got a price list. When I was on hold, the taped message said they make fresh fried chicken. That will keep some of my people really, really happy.

        Thanks everyone!

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