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Nov 26, 2001 02:24 PM

Jay's Jayburgers

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Yes Jays was sold, but i understand that he and his daughter have recently bought it back, there is a sign that says Jay is back, and one of the cooks who I have know for years told me so, so I am pretty sure this is correct info.

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  1. I have not been this excited since the Fatburger started servin French Fries. An Jay's daughter? That's sweet bear meat, gonna marry her too.

    1. Now, if only they could bring back Ship's.

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      1. re: PHIL
        michael (mea culpa)

        Amen. I can do without the toaster on the table, but I do miss those individual pies.

      2. To answer your original question: Jay's is, indeed open. The old lines on Saturday afternoon are back.