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Feb 10, 2008 04:28 PM

What is "Flint style coney sauce"? [Split from Southwest board]

What is "Flint style coney sauce"? I grew up in metro Detroit and am exceedingly familiar w/ coneys but have never heard of "Flint style." TIA.

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  1. I believe this is what the OP is referring to:

    I had never heard of it until today, but it sounds like something worth checking out.

    1. Flint-style refers to the type of Coney dog that is served in Coney Island restaurants and diners in Michigan. A true Flint style Coney is a Koegels hot dog served on a steamed bun with Coney sauce, onions and mustard only. The key is that Flint style must use the dry, loose meat Coney sauce NOT red sauce or chili sauce and NO beans or sauer kraut. If the dog is served with chili then it’s just a generic Coney dog, Chili dog or in Michigan a Detroit style dog.

      1. I am from metro Detroit too and never knew about Flint coneys till I was dating someone from Flint. It is more of a ground beef topping than a chili. Totally different than the coneys you eat in Detroit. Some places now will let you order either a "Flint" or "Detroit" coney. But an authentic place in either city will just have coney on the menu and you will get it their way.

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          These are the best recipes I have found so far for Flint Style Coney Island Sauce. There are two different versions, but they are both very good. Actually, the "Authentic Style" is the best, if you can get past using the ingredients it calls for. You'll see when you look at the recipes.

          Happy Cooking

        2. Can anyone provide a recipe for the Flint style Coney Island sauce? Thx.

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              Sounds very much like Coney Island and New York system, Hot Weiners here in the southern new England area:

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                  Nothing like Olneyville's gaggers at 2:00 AM on a Saturday night...

          1. Thanks to all who provided links for recipes.I honestly can't wait to start preparing them.One other note.I DO enjoy the Olneyville System,and living close by to them,I will pick up their spice package as well.