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Feb 11, 2008 07:22 AM

Can you get Mexican butter in Seattle??

We go to Mexico every year and I can't wait to get back and get their butter (mantequilla). I don't know what it is but it just tastes so different (and to me, better) then the butter I buy here. Must be what they feed the cows?? Anyway, I have never seen it in any of my Mexican tiendas in my neighborhood (on the Eastside). Has anyone who buys Mexican products ever seen it? I would love to have my toast w/Mexican butter, mashed avocado and black pepper! Yum!

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. Did you have any luck finding Mexican butter here in the states? My family and I just returned from a week in Nueva villarta, and I too fell in love with the butter. I brought home one of the wrappers from the butter pats in hope of finding it back home (we live in Denver).
    I've been looking on the internet but haven't had much luck.

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      We split our time between Denver and Mexico. We have adjusted well to most food items Mexican, except butter. Both of us will do without rather than eat the commercial Mexican butters. They seem to have a perfumed aftertaste that we find unpleasant. We can get farm fresh butter in Patzcuaro that is very good, but not pasturized, so that is a little worrying.

      In Morelia, we splurge and buy either New Zealand "Anchor" brand or Denmark "Lurpak" brand. Sometimes Costco has their Kirkland brand, but one can't count on that.

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        hello- we just returned from our second stay in our new condo in PVR. I tried to bake and did not have much success. Cookies were okay but just not the same. Do you have suggestions on how to alter recipes to compensate for the difference in butters? Thanks

    2. Mexican Butter, Bacon, Olive Oil, Cheese, Craft Beer.... all have one thing in common. They are products which could have a decent market in the U.S. but there is zilch distribution behind them.

      Gigante.... Mexico's 3rd largest grocery chain started U.S. operations around 1998 or so... but expansion is slow & careful and concentrated around the L.A. area.... I have seen Mexican Butter & Bacon. Cheese is still a problem since unpasteurized young cheeses aren't allowed across the border... but they do carry some artisinal aged cheeses albeit they are constrained by the lack of spending power in the immigrant communities they serve. Wine... they carry some of the Vin Ordinaire by Cetto, Domeqc & Freixenet... affordable, brands are recongizable to Mexican immigrants, something to serve at minor celebrations but nothing memorable for wine enthusiasts.

      1. We just got back to PV, Mexico and loved the butter, but my friend swears it's margarine. I'm confused! Is the yellow stuff they serve in the restaurants considered butter or margarine? What's the difference? I have no clue but I liked it!

        1. why butter mantequilla taste so different in mexico