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Feb 11, 2008 07:14 AM

Need a caramel-centric dessert...

My MIL and I have an annual Valentine's Day Dessert party.
Last year's report
We have a ton of chocolate things, fruit desserts, and a great cheesecake. I thought that one or two caramel desserts would round out the selections nicely.
Any ideas are very appriciated.

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  1. Sticky toffee pudding? Dolce de leche?

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      Ooo, I second the sticky toffee pudding suggestion! One of my friends makes it for every party she gives, by popular demand (not just request!). I believe she uses the recipe in Jamie's Dinners. Very rich, which in my opinion makes it just right for a Vday dessert party (an idea btw which I may have to steal for next year!)

    2. Chocoflan is a Mexican favorite, with chocolate cake on the bottom, a layer of flan above that, and topped with caramel. It's easy to make, and spectacular to serve. There are lots of recipes out there, including mixes in Mexican markets. Here's one that's pretty close to mine. I think kids would like to make this too, because it's fun to pour the flan mix into the cake and see it sink. I'm sure you could make this into a smaller dessert, but typically it's pretty big.

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      1. ice cream, dolce de leche that is.

        1. Caramel cake
          Caramel pudding parfaits (caramel pudding, flavored whipped cream and some sort of crunchy stuff...toffee?)
          Individual caramel tartlettes (phyllo baked into small cups and filled with caramel, a drizzle of chocolate and topped with a sprinkle of nuts)

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              loooove these... my peruvian best friend growing up always brought these to school, and they traded very highly, like half an alfajor for a bag of chips.

              dulce de leche cheesecake

              flan or creme caramel is one of my favorite simple and caramely desserts