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Feb 11, 2008 07:07 AM

If we love Vetri and James...

Where should we go for our next big night out? While we have eaten at almost every fine restaurant in the city (except anyhting new that has opened in past 2 years)- Vetri and James have been our faves. Does not have to be center city- Delco, Chester County, etc, is OK.

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  1. I've you've never been to Ansill or Osteria, then one of them. Tinto is excellent too.

    1. Since you are willing to expand beyond center city, may I recommend the Birchrunville Store Cafe out in Chester County. It may take you awhile to get a reservation (it only seats about 40), but it is worth the wait. Try to go on a weeknight for the chef's tasting menu.

      1. consider Gayle on Second Street between Bainbridge and South if you haven't been

        1. The Fountain Room in The Four Seasons, if you haven't already been.

          1. Jasper's in Downingtown.