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Feb 11, 2008 07:00 AM

Westfair Fish & Chips

Went for my second visit this past Friday, and it's now going to be part of the rotation. It's a down-and-dirty fish place like those you find in Maine, with 3 small tables to speak of. Had the fish and chips again - perfectly cooked with crunchy coating that actually tasted like something other than old grease. Dipped in the homemade tartar sauce (heavy on the dill, which offers a bright counterpoint to the fried items) it was heaven. I didn't care much for the accompaning fries, but I'm pretty picky about those. Wasn't overly impressed with the clam strips, either -while the texture was good (not chewy like they sometimes can be), they didn't have much flavor. The sea scallops were large and sweet, and some of the best I've had. They also offer everything broiled instead of fried, and have specials like blackened salmon.

Forgot to mention -it's on post road in Westport, CT

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  1. I agree about the fish and chips from Westfair. Having lived in Fairfied, CT I've made many visits but something worth mentioning....during LENT (which is NOW), you can wait a long time for orders. Best to call in your order and pick up.

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      I found this place tonight and gave it a go. Great fish and chips! A hidden divey little gem...$7.50 for 2 decent sized pieces of battered fish with some great steak fries...I will return.