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Feb 11, 2008 06:48 AM

Where can I order amazing chocolate truffles from?


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      The almond truffles are simply amazing. Beyond amazing. The champagne truffles are a wonderful second place.
      They are a swiss company and the chocolates are imported but you can order them online and there are independently owned shops all around the U.S.
      Oh, and I haven't had marzipan so good since I lived in Europe (Most marzipan in the US always tastes stale and is dried out, in general, most of it is just nasty


      Sorry bards4, it's greener to go local (if that's an issue) but Teuscher is more than a few steps above Moonstruck.

      1. The Chocolate Tree in Beaufort South Carolina. They are all hand made. Macadamia nut is the best. Google them and give them a call.