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Feb 11, 2008 06:12 AM

Recommendations for Asian Restaurant

North West of Boston but willing to travel from Cambridge to Manchester. Homebase is Littleton. Please don't recommend anything in my area, Bamboo, Yangzee River and the new one in Westford Plaza are not good.

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  1. You said "Asian" so I assume you don't mean exclusively Chinese. There's a nice little Korean place in Ayer and Chelmsford has a couple of good Thai restaurants. Outside of that, I would suggest a trip into Lowell for great Cambodian, Vietnamese, or Thai. There are a few Lowell threads with many suggestions.

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    1. re: Dinsdale45

      agree, Lowell has some phenominal asian restaurants. My favorites are Pho 88 (drumhill area) & Southeast Asian (market St in lowell). And great thai at Tuk-Tuk in Tewksbury.

    2. I second the recommendations for lowell.. I agree Yangtzee in littleton is some of the worst chinese food i have ever tried to eat! However, I have always loved the Sunday night dinner buffet at Bamboo in westford. Love the salt and pepper shrimp and the ginger/scallion lobster! I mostly eat those 2 dishes.

      1. Dinsdale, you assumed correctly, Asian being all inclusive, not just Chinese. Lowell does seem to be the place to go outside of Boston.

        Lexpatti, I agree about Pho 88, ate there last year, it was great. I havent been to the two other places.

        Hargau, actually Tiki Lau is worse than Yangtzee River. Bamboo has gone down hill a bit, about a year ago they started using lower quality meats and tuna.

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          Even now that is the "new tiki"? I went once about 6 years ago when it was tiki lau and it was horrible! But i guess they are all new management now. I saw a sign out front last week advertising "99 cent lunch" which scares me.

          The odd thing about Yangtzee is that its owned by the same people who own the lexington one yet the food is 100% worse then lexington. Lexington isnt the greatest to begin with but is top notch compared to its litleton branch.

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            Pho88 has expanded, you should really go again, new menu, new place, hot pot tables, etc.

            Of the two, my favorite is Southeast Asian but it's pretty close. SEA does a nice buffet at lunchtime if you want to sample many of their dishes but really best to bring a crowd and enjoy the menu some night. They have thai, cambodian, vietnamese, bernese, laotian (and maybe another).

          2. I've become a fan of Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica--try the chicken with spicy chili sauce or the dan dan noodles. For Khmer cuisine, Red Rose is the go-to place in Lowell. Tasty loc lac and the fried spring rolls are delicious. They make a nasty durian milkshake. In NH, both Vietnam Noodle House in Nashua and Golden Bowl in Manchester make a nice bowl of pho. If you find a great Thai place, let me know.

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              whs, have you tried tuk-tuk in tewksbury for thai. we only went once but were very impressed.

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                  Thanks for the info, if you can think of anything else just let me know. I think I'll try Red Rose first, then on to the others. Tuk Tuk is close to my office, will try during lunch.

            2. Here's a little link to some reviews of Woo Jung in Ayer.

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                I went to this place years ago when they first opened. Thoroughly enjoyed it, went back another time but haven't been in years.