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Feb 11, 2008 05:34 AM

Need Someplace New, Different: Suggestions?

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and my wife and I are in search of some place new and we're not feeling very inspired. I was hoping some of you might make a few suggestions.

Our criteria: Cost isn't an issue, but we prefer places low on pretense, with great drinks/wine/beer, and of course, great food. Right now, we're cuisine doesn't matter much, although we've really been on an Asian food binge so we'd prefer not to go Asian. Preferably within 15 miles of Boston.

To give you a better idea of what we're looking for, here are some of our Favorites: East Coast Grill, Neptune Oyster, the Publick House (Brookline), the Garden at the Cellar, Perdix (gone, sadly), the Butcher Shop, Dali, Sapporo (Newton Centre).

I know this seems general, but maybe this is why we're having such a hard time.

Anything you folks could suggest?

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  1. The people from Arrows in Maine recently opened up Summer/Winter restaurant in the Marriott in Burlington. Nice room overooking a small greenhouse where they grow some of their herbs. Had a nice lunch there although the service was a little spotty.

    1. How about EVOO? It is a couple of doors down from Dali and is one of my favorites.


      EVOO Restaurant
      350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

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          I 3rd EVOO. Their menu is so varied and fun, but there are a handful of dishes that are always especially awesome, like the cornmeal fried oysters and the duck, duck, goose.

      1. I'm anxious to try this place in Charlestown, next door has their own Hookah Bar. It's Tangierino, menu looks really exciting. I've heard great things and love that it's very different dining experience.

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        1. Isn't Ten Tables in the original Perdix space in JP? That would fit the bill. Have you been?
          If you like the Butcher Shop, then Toro is a much better version of what TBS strives to be, in terms of style.
          Evoo is a great rec too.

          1. Lots of great recs here already. The substance-over-style flavor of your list of favorites made me think of these, which incidentally won't stretch your budget:

            Drinks at Eastern Standard, dinner at Trattoria Toscana.
            Drinks at No. 9 Park, dinner at Grotto.
            Drinks at Green Street, dinner there, at Rendezvous, or Central Kitchen.
            Drinks at B-Side, dinner at Oleana.
            Drinks at The Alchemist, dinner at Ten Tables.

            These combos represent one of my favorite kinds of leisurely dining: enjoy an extraordinary cocktail, then dine at a modest, unpretentious, exceptional-of-its-type little restaurant.

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              Ooh. Love the combos. I was already planning to go to Oleana for my birthday but I certainly will get a cocktail at B-side beforehand. Great idea.

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                I am also a fan of the drink at Green Street, eat at Central Kitchen plan. Having now gone to Rendezvous twice with mixed results, I would stick with CK. They have been so consistent thru the years. Love their steak frites.