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Feb 11, 2008 05:31 AM

Considering Thai Pavilion, Rockville Town Ctr for Valentines day! No one's been? And, Minerva in Gaithersburg - Mmmmm.

Looked everywhere on the internet for a review of this restaurant in Rockville Town Center, Thai Pavilion, but can't find anyone that's reviewed it. Would hate to take the wife on Valentines Day eve and find out the food is abyssmal. Have any of you tried it yet?

We moved to Gaithersburg MD recently, the Lakelands community and we love the area and have found a few gems. One is Minerva in Gaithersburg at Shady Grove Rd and Rt 355 next to the Jerry's Subs. The dinner we had was fantastic with the most delicious appetizers (all vegetarian) and a veggie/potato dosa (I don't know all the correct terminlogies). Went back for a buffet lunch which was nowhere near as good for some reason. I'll stick to dinner here and ordering off the menu. It was mostly Indian people dining that night, and the place was packed on a Friday night.

I'll look forward to hearing if anyone has been to Thai Pavilion though.

Steve R
Gaithersburg MD

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  1. Steve, this reply is pretty late, but I was doing a search on this restaurant as I dined there yesterday with three friends and came across your post. Did you end up going to Thai Pavilion for your Valentine's Day dinner? How did it go for you if you did?
    As for my experience, my friends did not particularly enjoy their dishes. One ordered a salmon curry dish; another ordered a spicy beef dish; and the last one ordered pad thai. I had the green curry, which was actually pretty good compared to other places I have tried in the area (Tara Thai, Thai Silver Spring, Ruan Thai--I know a lot of people love Ruan Thai on the board, but it was too spicy for me and there wasn't as much chicken/veggies in their version).

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      a great thai restaurant kind of out of the way is pana thai in derwood md. the chef was at one time involved with Tara Thai but the food here is much better. It is kind of in a non descript strip mall but don't let this stop you. Some of the better dishes I have had include a boneless fish filet with a red tamnarind sauce (my mouth is watering) a wide noodle saute with lumps of backfin maryland crab and jumbo shrimp, very good lemon grass soup and Pad thai. The specials are always worth a looksee!

    2. I've been to Thai Pavillion twice. The first time was right after it opened and I thought the food was awful, but I chalked it up to newness. The second time was a few weeks ago and it was the worst Thai food I have ever had. The food, to me, is like an Americanized version of what Thai food would be for people who have either never had Thai, or only ate Chinese food at the eatery at the mall and this was their expectation. There was absolutely nothing authentic on the menu as far as I could tell from my two experiences.

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        I tried to go to Thai Pavillion a week or so after it opened. The service was so atrocious, and the management so hostile, that I left before getting food.

        1. re: DanielK

          You certainly did the right thing, and didn't waste your money on horrible , fake Thai food.

      2. Try Pana Thai Restaurant in Derwood MD. Good food and good servie, try Crying Tiger Ribeye Steak!!

        1. last night ate at Thai Pavillion in Rockville Towne Center. Dine al fresco while a band played up on the band stand in the square. food was very good. nice evening
          inside, the restaurant is very attractively decorated.
          We had Chicken Pad Thai, a beef dish, and the whole crispy flounder plus the tea duck appetizer and Thai Spring rolls. Also had a seafood hot sour and spicey soup. Every dish was very good.