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Nov 25, 2001 12:40 PM

Anaheim area???

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I will be in the area for the John Wooden basketball classic in early December.... we are staying at the Hitlon Anaheim... I am looking for recommendations in the area. We will have a rental car for one day, so we can travel.

My travelling companion is somewhat less adventerous than I am... we should keep it to good, not-too-ethnic eateries.... although I love Asian food, my friend will not want to be more adventerous than mexican.

I appreciate any advice toward this end.


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  1. Hitlon Anaheim is located close to freeways, which makes you to go to nearby cities.

    The area is a melting pot; "not-too-ethnic eateries" means a genre like Carl's of Juninor and Berger King.

    For sea food, go to Newport Beach.

    For Mexican, go to Santa Ana. For Vietnamese, go to Little Saigon.

    1. You are right in the middle of not only the Pond, Edison Field, and the Anaheim Convention Center, but Disneyland itself.

      My two favorite places in the area are Flakey Jakes for a burger and, about 5 miles east, THe Tulsa Rib COmpany, home of the best Baby Back Ribs in SoCal.

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      1. re: RSMBob

        Sadly, Flakey Jake's has flaked off. I live in the vicinity, and see no sign of life whenever I drive by. They've also disconnected the phone. They'll be missed.

        1. re: Kriss Reed

          Kriss, I understand that the Fuddrucker's is still up and running on Clark just south of Michelson (south of South Street) in Lakewood. Similar kind of burger kingdom as the late lamented Flakey Jake's, if you're in the burger mood. (And it's not too far from Artesia/Little India, so you can finish with your favorite dessert, kulfi. gg)

          1. re: LBQT

            Good burger, good kulfi, good life. :)

        2. re: RSMBob

          I enjoy the Tulsa Rib Co, in fact, they catered my wedding. My wife and I split the Baby, Baby, Baby platter, substituting cajun-style for the "smoked" style.

          BUT...HUGE WARNING...these baby backs show none of the signs of true Barbecue.

          These are good Baby Back ribs. They are NOT Barbecue. Anyone going to Tulsa Rib Co. expecting wood-fired slow-smokin' will be unhappy.

          Set your expectations right, order the profiteroles for dessert and leave happy and full.

          1. re: Eric Rager

            I don't understand. What are they, if "they are NOT barbeque"? How should I set my "expectations"?

            1. re: 2chez mike

              Watch that attitude when it come to 'cue! For the record, true barbecue is smoked, slow-cooked meat using indirect heat. Not GRILLED (direct heat, such as over coals backyard-style) or BAKED or BROILED. As Einstein would have put it (had he been born in Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, or North Carolina): R * BBQ and BBQ * R; meaning ribs does not equal barbecue and barbecue does not equal ribs. It don't matter how much sauce it's slathered in (which is blasphemy in Texas) or if it's been rubbed in Memphis sand, if you grill, bake, or broil the ribs it ain't 'CUE!!!! Take a hint from the name bro: Tulsa is in Oklahoma, not Texas, and Oklahoma ain't known for 'cue. Maybe you can expect some decent ribs, but don't go expecting no pink, tender, falling off the bone, smokey as a VFW hall on poker night dish of barbecue!!!!! Now do you understand?

              1. re: creeper

                I know what great que is and how it's done. I just found your first post rather cryptic.

                Now I know a little more about Tulsa Rib Co. I won't be headed to any rib joint where the meat isn't falling off the bone.

                1. re: 2chez mike

                  Geez, it ticks me off when someone claims that there is only one definition of what "Q" or "cue" or "BBQ" or "barbecue" or "barbeque" or "bar-b-que" or however you want to spell or say it is. Can't we just enjoy the food?

                  The lowdown on Tulsa is that it has the most tender, fall-off-the-bone, flavorful baby back ribs I have ever had. I would venture to say that they are finished off on a grill and mopped with a very tasty, somewhat sweet tomato-based BBQ sauce. Combine it with a side of their Tulsa potatoes and I am that much closed to a heavenly experience. I have lived and or traveled through CHicago, KC, Texas, Memphis and the Carolinas among others, and sampled a LOT of different BBQ, and I enjoy it immensely. Orange COunty is not where I expected to find what I think is among the very best, but I am happy that Tulsa Rib Company is only 20 minutes from home.