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Feb 11, 2008 04:57 AM

Kona Grill Troy

Has any one tried this place? I haven't heard a word about it since it opened. Just curious if it's any good and what the menu is like. From I-75 take exit 69 to Big Beaver Road (No I'm not making that up). About 2 miles East of the Sommerset mall.

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  1. We went there once this summer and will never go back. Our neighbors had talked about how much they liked it, so off we went. It was on a Sunday afternoon in July and it wasn't busy, at all. Since it's a chain I had looked at the menu online and found a cocktail that I thought I would like...they don't serve it at this one, oh well. My friend ordered a CC and Coke which came to him pale yellow...when he asked what was up with that the waitress actually didn't know. Sadly, we did the tank was empty. Finally got that fixed and we went on to an appetizer which took 45 minutes to get to us. It was calamari and nothing spectacular. I don't even remember what else we had, but the whole experience was something we decided not to put ourselves through again.
    The next week we were talking to some friends, whom I consider foodies, his meal was so bad there that he refused to pay for it after two attempts to get it right. At this time they may have made some changes, but I don't think I'll be going back there. This area has too many other choices for me!

    1. fairly standard chain fare on the "less offensive" side of the spectrum.
      but not worth seeking out.

      their menu is online:

        1. re: buttermonkey

          Ditto... I have been there, not worth your time or money.

        2. i have eaten there once. we took our kids and ordered sushi and apps. sushi was lackluster and the apps were mediocre to poor. my kids also got some buttered noodles off the childrens menu and they didn't like it at all (pretty tough to screw up buttered noodles). given the prices and the quality, we have not been back. they have a good bar so stopping in for a beer is alright. just no food.

          1. it blows. bad sushi, cheezy service, bad corporate all around...still many metro detroiters should love it. IF ALL WE GET ARE THESE COOKIE-CUTTER CORPORATE RESTAURANTS, COULD WE PLEASE GET A HOUSTONS!? AT LEAST THEY HAVE GOOD FOOD. Sorry, i just got back from San Fran & i'm depressed.......