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Feb 11, 2008 04:50 AM


I noticed a "CURRY DOGS" street side hot dog stand, while visiting a friend in Berlin for a few days last year. I never got a chance to try them. Is anyone familiar with a curry dog ? What is it ? Do you like them ? Thanks....

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  1. Anthony Bourdain tried them on his Berlin show - apparently it is an East Berlin invention - from what I gathered from the show. Looked delicious.

    1. My father "turned me on" to curry wurst when I was a teenager. That pommes frites, and a Fanta and life is good. I had the pleasure of paying the favor forward when I introduced the Spouse to them on our honeymoon.

      The dogs are deep fried and covered in a sauce that's thin and slightly sweet. I don't really know exactly what's in it but I believe it's tomato-based. The curry seasoning is mild and I can't put my finger on any predominant spice in the mixture. Dipping the fries in the extra sauce makes it even better.

      It's been a lot of years but my favorite stand was the Imbiss by the corner of the K'damm and Fassenenstrasse (sp?).

      Absolutely, give it a try!

      Btw, there used to be a place in Manhattan, somewhere in the 40's, called Hallo Berlin (I think) that had curry wurst. It wasn't quite the same but would do in a pinch.

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        I've never been to Hallo Berlin, but recognized the name from my obsession with the Holly Eats hot dog page!
        Any dog lover will melt for this website:

        1. re: jackie

          I want to thank you for posting that link!! What crazy combos there are. Fish cakes on a hot dog? SO MANT many different chilis what inspiriation!
          Got a hot dog lover in the house that will enjoy looking at this.

          1. re: chef chicklet

            If you like the hot dog page, you'll LOVE a documentary called "A Hot Dog Program.

            I feel dorky using words like heartwarming and inspirational, but it is an absolutely fabulous movie! It may sound like a film about dogs might be boring, but it is quick paced and is guaranteed to make you crave dogs.

      2. It's hotdogs covered in ketchup with curry powder....nothing to get overly excited....

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        1. re: Pollo

          Agree! Tried one of the two supposedly *best* currywurst stands in Berlin (had friends from SF visiting), where one can find long lines late at night, and many a cab driver... boy, were we glad that we were sharing one between the four of us. Talk about the blandest, most underwhelming experience EVER.

          It's low-quality sausage w/ketchup and lame, tame curry powder. What's the point?

          1. re: linguafood

            I agree! One was enough. But if you want to find addictive street food in Berlin, I have two suggestions:

            1. Doner kebab is everywhere in Germany but the doner I had in Berlin was just amazing, especially a big place at Rosenthaler Platz- just amazing! But there are certainly other places.

            2. I am really curious about where this one came from, but there are all these places serve noodles (they're like the thin steamed egg noodles you can get at asian markets in Canada), chicken, beansprouts and shredded leeks, served in a chinese takeout box and topped with fried onions- the best one I found was China Box on Alte Schoenhauser Strasse in Mitte; I must have eaten there five times in the nine days I was there. There are many kiosks selling this with names like "Asia Box" and "Thai Box" but "China Box" was the best, no contest.

            1. re: John Manzo

              When I first wrote my post -- which didn't upload -- I said as much: I would take a döner or falafel or, if it has to be sausage, a REAL bratwurst over currywurst. I just don't get it.

              And those greasy asia snack places have something going for them. Why is it that you can't get kroepoek in the US? What's up with the fried noodles? I love kroepoek.

              1. re: John Manzo

                Most of the Chinese restaurants I visited in Berlin were Vietnamese run. They came over to the DDR starting in the 60s for work, study etc. Many stayed. You may be getting a germanized version of pho ga, much like we have americanized versions of chinese cuisine. I reason that they had better access to egg noodles in those years then rice - especially when in the winter you had two choices for vegetables - red or green (cabbage).

          2. If anyone wants to absorb a Berlin Currywurst discovery tour, here is the film link:


            1. you can get some curry catsup at local european delis or grocers. enjoy!

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              1. re: stellamystar

                Knorr Currysoß is much better for curry dogs than using HP curry sauce, mind you.

                1. re: JungMann

                  that's what I'm referring to. and it is tasty. Good on crispy fish, too.

                2. re: stellamystar

                  those big tubes of curry flavored ketchup were awesome - they had pictures of star anise on them.