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Feb 11, 2008 04:45 AM

Pomi Strained Tomatoes

I thought I was buying whole tomatoes that were strained, but was surprised to find when I opened the container that it was a smooth sauce or puree. Is this product more like tomato sauce or more like puree. I froze it in a container until I figure out what to do with it. I'm thinking of making a tomato soup.

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  1. I believe strained tomoatoes are tomoatoes that have been milled, with the seeds/skins removed, so would be definitely be a sauce consistency. Why not just buy what are labelled as whole tomatoes (in juice though, not puree)?

    1. I use it all the time to make pasta sauce. Think of it as a plain base to add your own onion and spice to. To get the right consistency, I cook it for about an hour.

      1. Pomi strained tomatoes are wonderful - no additives or preservatives just pure tomato. I also understand that Pomi products are pesticide free.

        A product of Italy and, as bnemes3343 suggests, milled. They'd be great in soup as they have a great, fresh tomato flavour and because they're not canned, no "tinny aftertaste".

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          Isn't the common Italian name for this passata, or passata di pomodoro (tomato passed through a sieve)?

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            Absolutely paul and I find that this verbiage most frequently appears on imported product/packaging. In Canada, Parmalat is distributing Pomi and I don't recall what wording appears on the package it may just be English and French.

        2. I've only seen them offered two ways: chopped or strained. Both are fabulous quality as others have said here, just different textures. I have a box of the chopped Pomi on my shelf now, though I've mistakenly grabbed the strained in the past, was not disappointed. Lovely flavor and no additives or sugar or salt and no tin-can taste, either.

          1. Also, among the only brands of tomatoes that do not have BPA as a liner.