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Feb 11, 2008 04:17 AM

Tattoni's - Hamilton NJ

I stopped for lunch at Tattoni’s in a strip mall on the north side of Route 33 at Yardville-Hamilton Square Rd. in Hamilton last week. I believe I read in a post here last fall that their Chambersburg restaurant had been sold. There are no menus. You order the entrée and get it with a salad, the soup of the day, and a side of pasta. Soup was an excellent chicken orzo lentil. The roast pork and chicken cacciatore in a white sauce were both very good. (each $10) Among other choices were several pasta dishes and baked fish. Service is very efficient and friendly. Definitely worth a visit. I’ll be back.

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  1. We returned for dinner a couple of weeks ago. They do use menus in the evening. All dinners are served with an excellent antipasto and a first course of pasta with numerous sauce choices including crab. We tried a good standard red sauce and very nice white clam. She had the eggplant Parmesan or maybe it was rollatini , good but really drenched in oil. I had the veal with peppers: lots of very excellent tasting and long cooked veal chunks with one piece of green pepper. Both dinners were about $20. Good old fashioned Italian. The old Chambersburg location is now called Casdeluna and serves both Italian and South American.

    1. Finally got there tonight, and absolutely loved it. 3 course meal for 20 bucks, plus a nice bruschetta before the salad, count me in. Really cozy inside, felt like part of the family. Owner came out to every table to see how they were doing, shook my hand as I was leaving. Presentation doesnt matter for much with these dishes, they are all about making you feel like you are at Grandma's and its gonna look a little messy, but its goin to taste phenomenal.

      Antipasto salad - Some salami, ham, mortadella, provolone, black olives, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, on greens with a very light oil and vinegar.

      Spaghetti w/crab sauce - This made my night. Possibly my all time favorite meal, and have only had my mothers and grandmothers in my life. My eyes lit up when I saw it on the menu so I had to try it. And it blew me away. Perfect sweet crab flavor melded with a real nice marinara. Next time I go, Im goin to just ask for a big giant bowl of this, lol.

      Eggplant parmesan - Not what you would traditionally see at an Italian restaurant, where alot of places try to slice it as thin as possible and get as many layers as they can. This was one, big, juicy, tasty, thick slice of eggplant. Breaded very lightly and smothered in mozarella and marinara. Excellent flavor.

      Wife had the chicken parm. Big thick chicken breast that they managed to keep very moist under the breading, mozz and sauce.

      Neither of us could finish our entrees, and we (especially me) can eat.

      A+ for Tattoni's in Hamilton. Cant wait to get back.