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Feb 11, 2008 02:50 AM

Lion's Head meatball at Iron Wok in Seekonk

Decided to try out Iron Wok in Seekonk yesterday, and headed out to the strip mall wasteland where this place is located. From the outside this place is pretty uninviting (it's across from commerce way in a building next to a nails salon or some such) but inside it's a decently nice room. Since it's new Year's they had lion's head meatball on the menu, and I have to say that the version I had here was better than any that I ever had in the Boston area. They were perfectly cooked, with the outside slightly crusty but the inside tender and flavorful and served in a nice, slightly sweet sauce over some well cooked pieces of bok choy. All in all a really nice lunch, and the menu here looks authentic enough to warrant further exploration. The owner mentioned that he was from the north of China and so favors the cuisine of that area over the standard Cantonese. A cool little gem in a spot where you wouldn't really expect to find this sort of food, and I'll sure be back there soon.

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