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How much are you paying for milk?

A previous thread about food costs rising got me wondering what the price of milk is where you're at:
Northern New Jersey: 1 gal. =$4.29 at A&P

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  1. around $3.50 plus or minus 25 cents for organic whole milk (1/2 gallon) in arlington, va (dc suburb).

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      and i'd say that is a 75 cent increase from a year ago.

    2. Boston = $3.89 a gallon for Oakhurst (regional dairy from Maine) at a bodega in my neighborhood

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        Or $3.79 for a half gallon of Organic Cow 1% from Stop & Shop.

      2. $1.45/half gallon from Byrne's Dairy in Southern Tier, NY. They still sell it in glass jugs so that's after the .50 deposit on the jug.

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          WHAT???!!! We're paying $2.55 per half gallon down here in SW Florida....$3.89 - $4.29 per gallon depending on which grocery store you shop at, $3.59 per gallon on sale at Walgreen's or CVS IF it's on sale that week.

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            Same here in SE Florida. It's a conspiracy.

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              It's probably similar regulations as in California. We can't bring in dairy from out of state, there are legal minimum prices on all dairy products sold here (not even a sale price can be below $1.79 a half gallon for milk)(cheese can't be below $1.99 for 1/2 lb). I don't buy gallons.

              Also all of our milk has to have Vitamin D3 added.

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                pretty sure I paid $2.79 at Publix in South Fl yesterday, and it's about a dollar more for organic

          2. I think around $2.60/gallon for whole milk.

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              Regular price for non-organic supermarket milk is about $3.89/gal here in the western suburbs of Chicago, but sale prices go from $1.99 to $3.00. You can usually find a sale somewhere, so we only buy it on sale.

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                actually paid attention to the price yesterday, $2.90/gallon for regular whole milk

              2. Manhattan: about $4.50 for a gallon at the local supermarket (skim, nonorganic).

                It definitely bites.

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                  I pay $5.69/gallon for Whole Foods organic skim in Manhattan. It's just not useful comparing NYC prices to the rest of the country - ours is a different economy. I bet you non-New Yorkers wouldn't pay my $3100 rent for a 2 room studio either, but I don't want to move anyplace else! ;)

                2. fwiw 2 litres (about a 1/2 gallon....0.53 gallon technically) organic milk here in Calgary is $4.99-$5.30.

                  1. $5.50/gallon for some truly excellent milk here in Baltimore. Pastured, "free-range", Jersey cow milk from Trickling Springs Creamery. And worth every penny.

                    1. £1.47 for 2L of Cravendale at Waitrose in England ;)

                      1. $5.99 for a gallon in a glass bottle, non-organic but fairly local

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                          I'm thinking the bottle I buy is half gallon, not a gallon. I pay to much for milk, it seems.

                        2. $3.89 a gallon for Smith's dairy hormone-free 2% milk . N-E Ohio.

                          1. My 16 month old has been having some stomach issues, so I've switched him from regular whole milk to Lactaid milk. $6.29 per gallon in Westchester County, NY. YIKES! (And at one other supermarket it was $6.89!)

                            For skim, it's around $4.25 to $4.50. We try to buy our milk at Stew Leonards, in Yonkers, NY, where the milk quality is fantastic and the prices are a bit lower than this.

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                              $2.98 for a gallon of Guida's skim here in CT.

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                                valerie--if you can find it, try Acidophilus milk--it beats the heck outta Lactaid for flavor. here in California, it's made by Knudsen. about $3.59/ 1/2 gal.

                              2. $3.79 for 1/2 gallon organic cream line whole milk from Trader Joe's in San Francisco North Bay area.

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                                  $7.50 for 1 1/2 gallons (a 3 pack) of organic 1% milk at Costco here in Charlotte. Nearly $2 a liter for my back-up Parmalat.

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                                    That's believed to be Strauss btw; I may $3.29ish for it in SF.

                                  2. In Toronto about $2.29 for a QUART/LITER. I used to pay about $0.89 for a quart in NYC. 4L is about $5 give or take.


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                                      That's true, but if you buy 4 litres in bags, it drops to $3.99/4 litres at No Frills or Price Chopper; Loblaws and Dominion are always more expensive. The $2.29 is a convenience store price; my local No Frills has a litre of chocolate milk (2%, 1%, or fat-free) at only $0.99 - I just this minute checked the flyer.

                                      And my local Dominion is offering a "buy one, get one" on 1.89 L (half gallon) of Tropicana not from concentrate OJ for $3.79. Seems like our prices aren't as bad as we Canadians thought.

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                                        I pay $2.29 for a L of regular milk at No Frills... I don't buy chocolate milk :)

                                        I was just shocked when I moved back to Toronto from NYC and saw that I was paying so much more for milk. I don't buy larger than a L/Quart because I don't use that much milk to make it necessary.

                                    2. Here in Los Angeles, half-gallons of supermarket nonfat milk have risen to about $2.79. My local Ralph's always has good sales if you buy two gallons at once, but I can't carry that quantity, much less drink it before expiration. I buy my milk at Trader Joe's, where it is $1.99 per half gallon (up from $1.39 about six months ago), or $3.39 per gallon. Surprisingly, the 365 house brand at Whole Foods is the same for half gallons and a dime more per gallon.

                                      That is a 33% increase in barely half a year for a half gallon of milk. OJ is even worse -- a half-gallon carton of not-from-concentrate at TJ's was $1.99 a year ago, and rose to $2.99 when there was a frost in Florida. It hasn't come down, not that I expected it to.

                                      1. $7.99/gal in the Bahamas.

                                        The price of living in paradise!

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                                            Right around $4/gallon in southwest PA.

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                                              Bahamas, thank you for that. I feel better already. Today at the store I started wondering if they had legislated a VAT when I wasn't paying attention...so it's a comfort to know there's someplace with higher prices than Chicago.

                                            2. $4.49 for a gallon of Hannaford brand skim in central Maine. That's a grocery brand. Oakhurst is usually about 30 cents higher, and Hood a bit more than that, but it comes in a 'light blocking' plastic jug.

                                              1. I pay $1/gallon for whole, raw, cream on top milk. But it's from my neighbor.

                                                1. Here in Massachusetts, I find it just crazy that I can go to a market, say Hannafords, and spend $4.19 per gallon or go right around the corner to the gas station and get a regional brand Garelick for $2.99. To me it's worth the extra stop. My family goes through about 8 gallons a week.

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                                                    wow...how many people are in your family?? thats alot of milk.

                                                    1. re: asiansensation007

                                                      I'm not who you addressed the question to but my husband and I go thru 3 to 4 gallons a week, I personally drink at least a quart a day. Add in husbands consumption, cooking and the rugrats who visit...

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                                                        We go through about 4 gallons a week. I never drink milk, but my husband and 3 year old daughter drink it like it's going out of style. My 17 month old son drinks a fair amount too, but I recently cut back on his intake, and now he drinks 24 oz. a day.

                                                  2. $2.49 per gallon at Aldis in Oklahoma, but ca. $3.50-$4.00 at other stores.

                                                    Prices of milk, eggs, and meat went up 18 months ago when the big thing was to shift commodity production of corn to ethanol, rather than feeding the chickens, cows and pigs. Prices are slowly declining toward 2006 levels as the corn-to-ethanol bubble deflates, and the inout-output research steers toward straight bacterial cellulose digestion to provide the ethanol.

                                                    1. $3.16/gal-1% here in W. North Carolina. This is down about $1/gal in the past month. Prices do vary from store to store, but I tend to buy all dairy/eggs from one particular store which always has the lowest prices.

                                                      1. $3.19 for 1/2 gallon homogenized organic 1% at Trader Joe's in Phoenix (AZ); same for 1/2 gallon of homogenized organic 2% I just bought in Trader Joe's in Oakland (CA). I think the gallon jugs of homogenized organic milk are going for $5.99 at TJ's.

                                                        At a smaller chain (Sprouts) store in Phoenix, the regular price was $3.99 for 1/2 gallons of organic milk, but they had one brand (Horizon, I think) on sale for $3.49 at that time.

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                                                          I also buy TJ's organic 1%--for some reason it's especially difficult to find 1% organic anywhere else except WF. Last time I bought it here (Detroit area) it was $3.29.

                                                        2. If any of you guys have an Aldi grocery store around, milk's running $1.99 a gallon for any fat content. That's a steal!!!! Aldi (German based) has recently entered our market area (Birmingham, AL). I was skeptical at first, but I really like it.

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                                                            interesting enough, trader joes is owned by Aldi of Germany...i loved Aldi in germany, though i'm not such a fan here.

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                                                              I agree. The German Aldi's are fine stores but the ones I've been in here at home are hit and miss at best. Most times they don;t have the stuff on the shelves that they list in the weekly circulars and the staff looks at me like I'm nuts when I ask for the advertised items.
                                                              Since my last post (2/11) our local Byrne Dairy milk has risen .10 to $1.55 for 1/2 gal.

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                                                                you know, i am wondering if i stood near the dairy case for an hour or so, whether i could see the milk price on the shelf just ticking upward like a gas pump does?