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Feb 11, 2008 12:39 AM

3 days in Lisbon

I'd be grateful for any Lisbon recs. Everything goes, but seafood heavy restaurants would be especially appreciated. As to budget, mid-level is preferred over high-end. Thanks many.

PS: I've looked at previous Lisbon posts, but they are few and far in between.

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  1. Went to Lisbon last May. We tried Cantinho do Bem Estar in the Barrio Alto, from recommendations here and elsewhere on the net. Definitely worth the line up - the garlic shrimps were great!!! I would definitely go back to this place. Open every day except Monday from 7pm

    We also tried Bota Alta - it was good but I think we had too high expectations and there were quite a lot of tourists around us. Service was very friendly.

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      I'm in Lisbon now for a few weeks for work and food has been mostly great, but a little hit and miss if you just head to the Bario Alto and hope for the best.
      Favorites so far have been Tasquinha d'Adelaide; believe what you've read about the lamb. It was amazing. The octopus and bacalao also looked great but we didn't have it so I can't really comment.
      Had a wonderful lunch at Caseiro in Belem near the pasty shop (which is also a must do). Wonderful fava beans and black pudding as well as sardines.
      We enjoyed A Charcouterria with it's good starters and cod.
      Bota Alto was not really worth it; dull and overcooked. We had the house special cod dish and it was really not enjoyable.
      Similarly, I was very unimpressed with Buenos Aires (although we sat outside and had an amazing view, good service and a good salad) the steak was chewy and fatty (not in the good, marbled way) and the inside of the restuarant had a terrible smell.
      Cervejaria da trinidad is great for a beer; heard the food is good too but I can't comment.
      My workers loved Ocean 5 (or something like that); great seafood.
      I can write back in a week when we've hit some more spots...Oliviers, Sul, Bica da Sapato, Gambrinus and kais are all on our list.

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        Sushisasha, please make sure you write back on some more places you have enjoyed. My husband and I are arriving in Portugal in April for a two week car tour. We really appreciate any "chowhound" information. Thank-you.

    2. During my short stay in Lisbon, the one meal I really enjoyed was at Pap' Acorda in the Bairro Alto. I love anything with bacalhau and the acorda was wonderful. Place was also very lively.

      1. I'm just ending three days in Lisbon and have been very lucky with great recommendations from the concierge at the Sofitel. First, Doca Piexe is a fantastic fish place in Alcantara, right on the docks. The fish is fresh and offered in a choice of preparations: grilled or traditional Portuguese. The vegetables are fresh and perfectly prepared, and the service is excellent. Nice view and you can sit outside if the weather is nice.
        Second is Sacramento, in Chiado. Make sure you get directions or you will never find it. It's got a nice, eclectic menu and a vaguely Chinese decor. Fresh ingredients and good beef dishes. One nice thing is that they are open on Sunday, which is rare in the area.
        Third is Cantinho do Bem Estar which is mentioned below. No reservations but great food.
        For coffee and pastries, try the Pastelaria Suica on the Placa Rossio. And for lunch, there is a no-frills cafe with nice salads in the Centro Cultural de Belem, which is the modern building right across the street from Jeronimos. You can eat outside on a patio with great views of the river and the Monument to Discoveries. Skip dessert and try the traditional custard pastries at Confeitaria de Belem.

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          I go to Lisbon often for work, here are some great places to try:

          -I agree Doca Peixe is great in the docas area, although it is a bit touristy especially at night, I prefer eating there for lunch.

          -Cervejaria Pinoquio in Praça dos Restauradores 79 - Lisboa has fresh seafood and won't break the bank, definitely laid back place, no chic interiors but quality seafood.

          -Pap' Açorda in barrio alto (rua da atalaia, 57) is hip restaurant that offers a nice range of dishes but if you go here you have to eat the açorda- a very rustic traditional portuguese stew made of bread, egg,and seafood- I prefer shrimp, but it can also come with either meat or cod

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            hi - i am headed to portugal for a bike trip and have only 1 night in lisbon - and i anticipate jet lag - can you recommend something close to our hotel - hotel mundial - praca martim moniz - i'd love some authentic portuguese seafood - in a laid back setting...thanks for your help!!

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              had a good "diner "style dinner in lisboa @a place called Mexicain ,real good seafood,good steaks,pealla'etc,the best espresso we had in a 2 week binge.pretty dependable,our friend that took us has been going there for 45 yrs,and order of the portugese menu if you can,its twice as big as the enrish one,weird???

              1. re: im hungry

                I'm intrigued, but could you tell me what the actual name of the restaurant is ('Mexicain' isn't a Portuguese construction, and I've googled it & variants and can find nothing) or its address?

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            I really loved the octopus at Sacramento but, beware--our table of 7 was given a check that contained a 450 Euro "chef's suggestion" charge :0. It was supposed to be 4.50 Euro charge...$700 euro bill? I think it was intentional :)

            In my week there I had a few-"rip-off" the American moments...