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Feb 10, 2008 08:40 PM

Pizzeria Del-Dio - Orlando

I stopped in with a friend last week after receiving a free pizza coupon (grand opening promo) and *OMG* the pizza was amazing! NY style crispy crust with perfectly seasoned sauce and good cheese (not the rubbery kind). My friend ordered a spinach calzone to go and later confessed that she ate half of it on the way home - she said it was 'fantastic'!!

Del-Dio has a full menu with all the traditional favorites: chicken parm, baked ravioli, and my personal favorite: fettucine alfredo! That's next on my list... can't wait to try it!

If you live in the Baldwin Park / Fashion Square Mall area, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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  1. Where is this place exactly located?

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      A friend told me about the Del Dio in Fern Park, but this sounds like there's a new location! I'm very excited, because I hear it's awesome.

      1. re: britterbeezer

        actually, i dont think this place is related to the other Del Dio's, but i will try it nonetheless!

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          I can vouch for the Del Dio's in Fern Park (on 436 and Oxford, near the 436 and 17-92 intersection) having some of the best NY-style pizza in town. I haven't heard about the new one, though.

    2. The new one on Colonial is the original owner of the one in Fern Park. The owner is John Delgardio. I think John sold the Fern Park one and it looks like he's reopened on Colonial. Del Dio has the best NY pizza in Orlando by far and John is a great guy. We were regulars of his place in Fern Park until he left. It's still good, but just not the same without John. I can't wait to hit the one on Colonial.

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        I moved up to the Panhandle in 1998 and I STILL miss his pizza and cheese steak subs!

      2. Pizzeria Del-Dio

        (407) 898-1115
        3210 E Colonial Dr
        Orlando, FL 32803

        Closed on Sunday

        1. What can I say about my favourite Italian/Pizzeria Restaurant. I have been going to "Del Dio" since 1994. My first taste of John's Pasta E Faggoli converted me and I can't eat anyone's elses. Yes, I've tried others, but none can compare... It's a taste a bit of heaven! Then there's the Pizza... and anyone from NY, knows what a good NY Pizza should taste like... "Del Dio's" puts all the rest way out in left field... they hit a homerun all the time. And of course, their pasta entres, what can I say... from the Lasagnas, to every they prepare... The BEST of the Best... none can compare!