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Feb 10, 2008 08:22 PM

South Dixie Highway Help

I will soon be visiting my motherinlaw, who just turned 97. She lives in assisted living and has dinner at 4pm!!! So after watching the evening news with her, my wife and I need DINNER. Motherinlaw lives off SW 186th ST. We are staying near The Falls Mall around SW 136th St.

We are from the San Francisco area so get good Asian (but if something special is around here it could lure us), but would like to discover reasonable and tasty meals that are not what we find at home. Or are just really good and enjoyed by local C'hounds. Two places we enjoyed on past visits were a Columbian place that I did not record the name of and could never find again and an Indian place in a mall named ( I think) Imlee. Also in same mall was a Thai place which was seriously disappointing. This was two years ago....

Oh yeah: what about breakfast? Nothing huge, but tasty and with good coffee would be a big help to start a day which will involve shopping chores, minor household repairs and endless CNN.

Thanks so much.

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  1. The coloumbian place you are thinking of is, on US 1 and SW 184th and it is fantastic (the name is escaping me) but it is in the same plaza as Publix.

    Wagons West in the Pinecrest shopping plaza is fun, for an old fashioned dive southern breakfast, cheap and filling.

    The problem is that south florida is lacking in good "non chain" restaurants. Shorty's BBQ can be fun, for a good cold beer and some ribs, which is right near dadeland on US1. Across the street, in the strip mall is Ms Saigon which is Vietnamese and I have had both good and bad meals there.

    If you want to take a trip back to the 70's and have some good seafood, then Captain's Tavern is a good call.

    These should at least get you keeps you on the US1 Corridor.

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      Check out Imlee Indian Restaurnt. It's on US1 and about 127th I believe. Very good and affordable.

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        He mentioned Imlee in the OP. Sea Siam was the "disappointing" Thai restaurant in the same shopping center (South Park Centre, at US1 and 128th Street), although I remember it being pretty good. There's a great little by-the-slice storefront pizzeria in there as well, Pizza Kitchen. Just a plastic table outside to sit at, but their pizza is seriously awesome.

        Daily Bread is at US1 and 124th Street, in a small L-shaped shopping center with blue tile around the roof. It's a Middle Eastern market and restaurant (very casual), and they will make you the best falafel sandwich around with delicious fresh ingredients. It's also a great place to buy ethnic snacks to enjoy later, and there is a German deli and market a few doors down from them.

        I'll second MiamiSarah's recommendation of Shorty's BBQ near Dadeland Mall, still along US1 -- not the best barbecue in the world, but some of the best in Miami. It's a real institution.

        For breakfast, go to Lots of Lox Deli, on US1 and 149th, very close to you:
        Wagons West isn't bad either, but there's nothing like good bagels with cream cheese, lox, and other NY-style deli goodies in the morning.

    2. for breakfast i think roaster's and toaster's is a pretty good ny style deli for breakfast near you. big plates and good bagels, i personally love the zoftik sandwich there which reminds me of the old corky's on 163rd.
      for lunch or dinner that you might not find at home try Ortanique on the MIle which has "miami style" food and which i always enjoy. pretty much everything i have had there is good. I don't eat too much seafood so i usually go with the beef tenderloin with manchego mashed, cornish hen with peas and rice, or the pork chop, all delicious. For apps i like the mojo braised pork roast and braised short ribs, as well as the caesar (yummy dressing). People who i have eaten with have all praised the seafood dishes- my gf especially loves the ceviche of the day.

      Ortanique On the Mile
      278 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

      Roasters Deli Enterprises
      9465 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL