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Staples Center area....past 10pm?

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Going to a concert at the staples center...won't be able to eat in the window from after work to the start of the concert.....looking for a nice, meal in a somewhat mid-upscale location/enviroment after 10pm (weekday)....maybe some light bar bites.....not the pacific dining car.

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  1. not sure how late its open, but we went to the Liberty Grill last night for dinner. was pretty good. classic American food. lots of choices :) its caddy-corner to Staples Center.

    1. You can try J Restaurant and Lounge www.jloungela.com or maybe 626 Reserve www.626reserve.com

      If you want some red meat, fusion style, consider e3rd Steakhouse www.eastthird.com

      1. The Pantry is a few blocks away: Open 24 hours.

        Original Pantry Cafe
        (213) 972-9279 www.pantrycafe.com
        877 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

        1. You'll need to hop in the car, unless they happen to have their shuttle going that night, but Blue Velvet is great.

          1. You'd have to drive to get to Pete's, but parking is easy at that time.

            1. Thanks for the tips. pete's looks good..pantry might be too austere (but I love their breakfasts!).

              I'll browse the websites...driving isn't a problem as long as I don't have to pay another 15 bucks for parking!

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                Definitely easy to find street parking around Pete's on a weeknight.

              2. While many places in that area do close at 10pm, you might call to see if on a particular night, even the particular event you are attending, they might be staying open afterward. I would definitely call Roy's of Hawaii at 8th & Figueroa. Maybe just the bar area, but light fare would fit that situation, pre or post concert.