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Feb 10, 2008 07:46 PM

West coast foodies need NYC tips

We are foodies from the west coast, and have eaten in every zagat/Michelin/hot new spot in SF, Napa Valley, LA and Vegas. It's my first visit to NYC, and I'm hoping to find that "authentic" NY flavor, not necessarily high end, but NY special places/neighborhood favorites, and just places where I'll have great food and know I'm in NYC as opposed to anywhere else in the world.

Would love some tips and suggestions.

Jen in CA

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  1. Are you looking for places in Manhattan and/or the Outer Boroughs? You might get better replies posting on the specific board/boards that you are interested in.

    1. I lived in San Francisco from 1998-2002, and loved the left coast. Not really sure what type of restaurants/experiences you're looking for; but my SF/Napa favorites include; Aqua, French Laundy, Hawthorne Lane, Swan Oyster, Sushi Groove& Cha Cha Cha to name a few. Not sure if these places are up your alley or not.
      If you're looking for things unique to NYC, that you cant find in SF, that would mean, real pizza, a bagel thats not a round roll and legit italian. The pizza debates in NYC never ends, so i'll throw some of the top names at you; Lombardi's on Spring St in SoHo(Clam pizza), John's pizza three locations in the city, some argue Patsy's or Totonno's if you have access to a car, than Grimaldi's in Brooklyn is an option. Bottomline, the NYC corner pizza place is 10X better than you'll get in SF/west coast.
      As for Bagel; Ess-a, Pick-a-bagel, H&H or Tal are all legit good/great bagels.
      Not the complex question, where to have LEGIT italian. Again this is really hard to answer, without knowing your taste. If you like Italian seafood, look no further than Esca. For more "modern" italian try Alto/ L'Impero same chef/owner or more traditional italian theres; Campagnola, Il Mulino, Spigolo, Scalinatella, Lusardi's or Fiamma to name a few.
      If you can be a little more specific(likes) we might be able to marrow things down.

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        Thanks for the info and the suggestion to be more specifc. Ik, definitely looking for authentic Italian, it is just not something you can get out here. As to food types, there is nothing...nothing...we don't like. I'm not necessarily intersted in the deli/pizza/bagel places. More like something like Peter Luger's. I've had amazing steak in my life, but I've been told this is the place to go for the true "New York expreience".

        Any neighborhood go-to places, great hotel bars, and probably more along the lines of "old school" restaurants are what I'm looking for.