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Feb 10, 2008 07:12 PM

Has anyone used or purchased from Dream Stoves in Calif?

I am considering purchasing a Magic Chef 1930 stove from Dream Stoves? Has anyone used this company?

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  1. pam, maybe post this on the cookware board--just leave out the 'Calif' in the title. Maybe insert 'vintage'. 1930--you are brave! have you already cooked on one?

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      No I haven't cooked on a stove like the Magic Chef, but truly fell in love with the looks of it. We live in a log house, and I thought it would be a perfect fit. My only concern, is trying to find one a little closer to me, I'd love to see it and feel it before I purchased it. Thanks for your help I'm new at this, and didn't know where to put my post. I'll try and do what you said. Pam

    2. just a thought: don't know about dream stoves, but there is a old stove store/refurbishing place in la crescenta, on foothill (south side) somewhere between new york and lowell. they have several vintage stoves in their window. i have no idea as to price.

      1. Pam, have you contacted them to ask for testimonials? Their site is certainly 'dreamy'; made me yearn for my 1940's O'keefe & Merrit!

        Also, here is a forum where you might want to ask your question:

        Is Dream close enough to you for a visit? For a $$ purchase like that, it'd be worth a trip, to test drive it first before buying.

        1. Hey Pam,
          I bought a Magic Chef 6300 8 burner (get your wallet out!) from Christian at Dream Stoves after a very long search for someone who a) had a 6300-8 and b) could/would restore properly. Contact him thru his website and he will telephone you and cover anything and everything about your stove concerns. Based upon my research he is among the best at his trade. There are many who charge the same prices and do almost nothing with the item. His shop totally restores it from the ground up. We live 4000 miles away and ours is being crated and shipped from his California shop.

          1. Pam -
            I am also considering purchasing a stove - an O'Keefe and Merritt Aristocrat - from Christian at Dream Stoves and am checking references this week.. I am driving from LA to the Bay area this weekend and am planning to look at the stove in Stockton while I am there. I have calls into the customers that Christian provided me. Did you get some feedback and did you move forward with your purchase?
            Jon Alberon
            800-819-1989 (The Chocolate Traveler is my company)