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Feb 10, 2008 07:10 PM

Boulder next weekend - need help!

I am taking my daughter to look at the college in Boulder. We are staying at The Millenium near school and will not have a car but are okay with taxis. Please give me a few ideas for

Breakfast - homey ...local

Lunch - great salads, sandwiches, burgers

Dinner - one very nice restaurant and one casual, local favorite with good, fresh food. We do not like overly produced, "fancy" entrees with too many unnecessary ingredients and dont care about wine lists.
Thanks so much! We've never been to Boulder and hear amazing things about your city!

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  1. Breakfast - For classic greasy spoon fare and the best hash browns in town, try the Village Coffee Shop on Folsom, across from McGuckin's Hardware. Otherwise, Spruce Confections on West Pearl for pastry (especially scones) and coffee, although I also enjoy the Cup on Pearl for coffee and homemade quiche. Marie's on North Broadway does diner classics as well, albeit with a Czech and Slovakian twist, namely kolacky pastry.
    Lunch - For higher end but excellent sandwiches, try Dish on Pearl. I'm especially fond of their brie, proscuitto, and sweet butter sandwich on a baguette. They also have a smoked salmon sandwich, the Kenai, that's quite good.
    Dinner - Black Cat off the Pearl Street Mall for a very nice restaurant, also might want to look at Radda for a more neighborhood feel on North Broadway. Chez Thuy on 28th Street is a popular choice for Vietnamese and their lamb chops are more akin to fine rack of lamb for about $14.

    1. Village Coffee Shop and Chez Thuy are a realtively easy walk (10 minutes +/-) from the Millennium Harvest House. Laudisio (upscale Italian) in the 29th Street shopping center is close too. There also is (or was) an outpost of Salvaggio's Italian deli at 3141 28th Street (near your hotel), which also offers great sandwiches. If next weekend is as mild and sunny as this one has been, and you like to bike, check on loaner bikes from the hotel and take a ride on the beautiful Boulder Creek Path, right outside the hotel's back door.

      1. All sound good - we like Italian, steak and seafood and Continental. We dont like Chinese or Thai. Glad to hear it was mild!

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          Ah, and don't forget the Sink on the Hill for lunchtime burgers - the quintessential CU hangout. Claire - that Salvaggio's is still there if you're thinking of the one next to the Mediterranean grocery store near Pearl and 28th. Some also like the Boulder Cork for steaks and the Med on Walnut (people seem to love it or hate it).

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            I know the Salvaggio's on Pearl between Folsom and 28th and the downtown kiosk on the Pearl Street Mall are still around. I was thinking about one on the east side of 28th, across from that part of the campus. I know that there has been some demolition/construction on that stretch of 28th -- closer to the Millennium Harvest House -- but that one is most likely gone now.

            I was also going to recommend the Boulder Cork when I read that they like steaks. They can probably hop a bus to get there and don't need to take a cab. I would caution against the Boulder Chop House (downtown), which is more expensive and not as good.

        2. Breakfast - I would reccomend the Walnut cafe (lunch is good too). They have lots of quiche, egg, and salad type dishes as well as several kinds of delicious homemade pie. It has a real "Boulder" feel.

          Lunch - Breadworks has a wide variety of salad, sandwich and soup options as well as some amazing desserts.

          Dinner - I'll second the reccomend for Radda, they are good for lunch or dinner. Turley's is another good option for any meal.