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Feb 10, 2008 07:07 PM

Food Shopping(Roppongi Hills or anywhere convenient to it)

Hello everyone,

I will be staying in Roppongi Hills for a stay in Tokyo. Where could I go to buy meat/fish and fruits/veggies? Good quality would be nice but I do not need a shop that charges extra for being "fancy" or whatever the case might be. How much would these items cost? Oh, I am looking for the fresh variety, to be prepared at home, just to be clear(no prosciutto, etc.)

Thank you much.

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  1. That neighborhood is suprisingly full of supermarkets, although they're probably more expensive than what you'd find out in the suburbs. There's a 24-hour gourmet supermarket at the Azabu-Juban end of Roppongi Hills, called Food Magazine. I think there's still a branch of Meiji-ya across Roppongi-dori from the Hills, down a bit towards Roppongi Crossing. And there's a nice big 24-hour supermarket inside Tokyo Midtown.

    In the other direction, there's one small neighborhood supermarket in the back streets of Azabu-Juban. Then down past Azabu-Juban station there's the big international supermarket Nisshin, which specializes in meats (it's run by a meat company). Also near the station, at Azabu-Juban 1-3-3, is a branch of Hanamasa, a 24-hour discount supermarket popular with restaurant owners.

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      Thanks, Robb.
      If you think there is a great market outside the area that I should go to, please let me know. As always, a pleasure.
      Oh, and nice job on the site.

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        Thanks! (And please feel free to mail me if you have questions/feedback outside the scope of Chowhound's borders.)

        As for supermarkets, the only reason I would travel outside my area for a supermarket is if they have certain hard-to-find European delicacies that I can't find locally, but Nisshin in Azabu-Juban is pretty good in that department - one of the best in the city for international groceries. It's definitely worth visiting some department store food floors though, such as Seibu (Ikebukuro), Isetan (Shinjuku), Tokyu Foodshow basement (Shibuya).

    2. You won't have any trouble finding groceries. Food Magazine is worth a visit because it is so opulent (my friends always loved to take photos in here) but you would be best off walking down the hill to the main shopping street in Azuba-Juban. (It's one street south of the main Azuba-Juban Dori, or avenue.) There is a nice 24-hour market in the middle of the block whose name escapes me, but it has produce, sushi, and dairy products on the first floor, and then an escalator up to the second floor where there are dry goods, tea, coffee, cereal and meat. I did much of my shopping here. The takeaway sushi is excellent.

      If you need something European/American, or want absolutely gorgeous food, go to Kinokuniya. The closest one to you is in Aoyama, a short cab ride (or take the subway to the Omotesando subway stop.) Here is their web site:

      The staff is extremely nice and many speak English. Don't miss their collection of totebags by the front door, they make great gifts. This branch of Kino also has a small cafe next door, with good coffee, and bagels (!) but no cream cheese for some reason. In any case, you can rest assured you can find whatever you need in your neighborhood.