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Feb 10, 2008 06:21 PM

Downtown Dinner for Manhattan Hater


I have been scouring the boards for hours and I just can't settle on something. I would truly appreciate any help. This Friday, my SO, who hates Manhatan pretension, and I will be in the West Broadway/Canal St. area for an early dinner before an event at 7. We are both huge fans of Asian cuisines, especially Thai and Japanese, and Indian Food. However, we would like to stay away from seafood. Since this is going to be our V-day dinner, I wouldn't mind tablecloths and carpeting, but fanciness and a liquor license are not necessary. I've read recommendations for Sticky Rice and we have been to Congee Village, which we both thought was OK. Is there any place anyone can think of in this area that might be delicious with nice waitstaff? Thank you so much in advance for your help.


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  1. I wish your location was different, because the veggie Thai place called Pukk on First Ave between 4th/5th streets is a real joy. Neighborhood place, great food, and yes they do have liquor. It is NOT fancy, but funky in a very modern clean way. So, perhaps not V-Day for you, but I swear I love the place.

    Good luck and have fun no matter where you end up!

    1. if it's for valentine's day in that area for asian i would to kittichai. upscale thai food. table clothes and good service, good cocktails too. they have a pretty balanced menu so u can avoid seafood if you want. I would look it up on citysearch to get a good overview of it. It might be a bit of a "manhattan scene", but i really don't think it's that bad. trendy but not too obnoxious.

      1. So is fair to assume that Asian (far east and southern) cuisine is what you're after?

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          Sorry for the delayed reply - we both really like Asian cuisines so it is probably the best bet. French and seafood are definitely out, but Mexican and Italian are fine.

        2. You can try either Cendrillon for good,slightly upscale Filipino food. Another slightly quirkier idea is Hiroko's Place, which has very homey japanese style western-food in a cafe-like atmosphere. Another bonus is good coffee, and Kee's chocolate right across the street!