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Best Bar Dining in DC

Price is not an object. Getting a reservation at Komi or CityZen for this last-minute trip is. So where would you send me for a great meal where we can walk in and eat at the bar? (Any tips on best times to go would be greatly appreciated. A 5:30 or 9:30 meal is fine by us.)

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  1. Sitting at the bar at Two Amys allows you to both 1) avoid the teeming masses of families with kids in tow and 2) have easy lines of sight to the day's small plates (there's often sardines, cold salads, crostini with amazing goat cheese or olive spreads...). Share a few with a bottle of wine, and then a pizza. This is one of my favorite weeknight routines. If it's a weekend, definitely stick to the early or late side, as it can get packed back there.

    1. I would check out Bistro Bis for delicious french-inspired cuisine, Hook for wonderfully fresh seafood (you can eat at their bar right?), or Brasserie Beck for wonderful Belgium cuisine including the best mussells and frites in town.

      1. Guess what - you can dine at the bar at CityZen, and other than prime times on Fri/Sat, it's usually easy to go in and grab a seat. While the full dining room menu isn't available, you're still eating Ziebold's cuisine.

        1. I would go to the bar at Palena. You can order off the back room menu, or have the cafe fare. The food is always excellent.

          1. DC Coast after 8:30. Full menu.

            1. I recently had dinner in the bar at Rasika (6th & D). It was fabulous.

              1. I am a great optimist and it often pays off. I got same day reservations recently at Komi by calling late in the afternoon (4:30) and they had a cancellation for 7:45. That was a weekday when lots of DC folks often have late-breaking crises at work so give it a try. The worst that happens is they say no.
                I've had the same luck all over town at some of the best places. We even got them at Inn at Little Washington with just enough time for the drive out there. Pulled on the little black dress and hit the road!

                  1. Great suggestions, all. Right now we're leaning toward CityZen on Sat. and Cintronelle Lounge on Sun. Sound good? Are we making any tragic mistakes? Does Komi have dining at the bar?

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                        you should make sure Citronelle is open on Sunday

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                          Komi doesn't have a bar, and there's no place to sit except in the small dining room. If either of your plans doesn't materialize, I also recommend the bar at Rasika and the bar at The Source. I don't know if the Source's full menu is available at the bar, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. The bar at Palena will be slammed on Saturday.