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Feb 10, 2008 05:56 PM

AreoGarden is it worth the price?

On these cold days of winter (think Chicago, north shore, over a foot of snow on the ground, 40mph winds and below zero temperatures today) it is nice to be able to pick herbs from your kitchen counter.
After waiting six weeks, the AeroGarden is providing this for me. I consider it a luxury. But so is massage, a trip to Europe or dinner at a special restaurant. The Garden cost $159.00 plus tax, the herb kit cost $55.00 plus tax. The kit I am growing contains seven herbs. I have yet to know how long the herbs will keep growing. But it works. The trip to the grocery store. Easy set up. Fresh herbs at your fingertips. Bonus the bright light may even be a help for people with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). The bad if it only last a week of harvesting--I am spending about $500.00 for an ounce for herbs. The jury for me is still out. So good. Have you tried it? What are your experiences? Is it worth the price? Has anyone used it for anything besides herbs? For a progress report on my AeroGarden since its inception go to

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  1. I'm also in Chicago and my AeroGarden hit 6 weeks on Saturday. So far, I've been able to harvest chives, cilantro, and dill, but only in small quantities. The slow growth is probably due to the fact that I have the unit in an area that gets fairly cool (55 degrees) at night. My cilantro and dill are growing the best so far, I'll need to harvest some this afternoon to prevent them from growing in to the lights. Most likely they are doing best since there is some natural light hitting the garden on that side during the morning. My unit was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, they accepted a 20% off coupon so the final price was $120 plus tax (in KY, so less than it would have been in Chicago). An herb kit was included in the box and additional seed kits can be purchased at BB&B for $19.95. I do find that the herbs I have harvested have had a much better flavor than "fresh" herbs purchased at the grocery store. Over time I am certain that my AeroGarden will prove cost effective, especially if I can find alternatives to purchasing new supplies from AeroGrow. I'm going to stop by Brew and Grow this weekend to see if they have nutrients I can use to keep these herbs going after the fertilizer tablets that came with the kit are all used up.

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      $19.95 for a seed kit from BBB is a considerable savings from the $55.00 from AeroGarden--also since I'm into organic gardening I'm looking for a way to grow my own seeds--has anyone tried that? So far so good with my garden. My kitchen faces north and gets very little natural light but the herbs are thriving. It is also cool at night probably around 60 degrees. I keep moving the lights up and the herbs keep growing. The dill and cilantro are going crazy and the rest are doing well. Hopefully it will be cost effective--especially if I fine some alternative place to purchase supplies. No matter--it really is nice to be able to have fresh herbs available in the middle of winter.

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        This blog has a brief description on how someone made her own seed pods...

        There are more out there but most of what comes up in the first two or three pages of a web search are retail outlets. The bulbs were manufactured with a custom base, so when you need to replace them you have to get the ones from AeroGrow (which are also available at BB&B at $19.95 for a two-pack). Other than that, I think most of the other consumables can be replaced with less costly alternatives.

    2. I love my Aerogarden- it was a gift from my husband almost one year ago, to the day. It was $140 and came with the seed kit. Additional refills are $20 for me. I love being able to snip a little of something (thyme, basil, dill). It's such a drag to spend the equivalent of almost $60/lb for those little packets of herbs at the supermarket....

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        Late post, I know, but I just had to comment on my experience with Aerogrow. I have been thinking about this purchase for a long time. I am a big penny pincher, but splurge every once in a while.. The thing is pretty expensive, but from the positive posts I've read here (thanks all) I finally took the plunge. The AG outlet website had a small unit for about 30 bucks - will try that out and upgrade later, if it's successful.

        I took the advise I found on this thread, and called the customer service number, wanted to get different herbs than the ones included in the kit. I order a LOT of stuff through mail-order, phone orders, and the internet, and I have to say I got THE BEST customer service from them. The kits I ordered didn't have certain herbs I wanted to grow, and I told the rep so - she said she would send me pods for those herbs gratis, as a thank you for my business.

        Hope all goes well! Gosh, I do love this board! Peace - P

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          I just received one as a gift from my awesome sister ... I "planted" everything in mid-Dec, and everything is growing fantastically -- except the Italian basil, which hasn't sprouted at all. I called and they're sending a replacement pod plus a few others. I'm very happy with both the performance and customer service so far.