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Feb 10, 2008 05:53 PM

Weekend in Flagstaff

A rare Saturday off and a lot of fresh snow up in the High Country found us on I-17 heading up to Flagstaff Friday afternoon.

Friday night we ate dinner at Beaver Street Brewery. It'd been about five years since we last ate here and decided it was time to revist. Started with tapas salad which was a mix of tomatoes, olives, feta, capers in a vinaigrette. Served with addictive baguette chips(generously coated with butter before baking off it seemed). I had the Beaver Street Burger for dinner as I was craving a burger. Filled with sun dried tomatoes, herbs, and pestos it was quite good, though more like a meatloaf actually. Husband had the the day's chili which was carne asada with beans. He declared it very good and perfect for the nippy evening outside. Service was actually very good for a busy pub in a college town on a Friday night. WIth a hard cider and strawberry lemonade the bill was a very reasonable $27.

Saturday morning we were headed up to the Nordic Center so just grabbed a quick bite to eat at the coffee shop at the Little America Hotel where we were staying. My green chile omelette was well prepared as were husband's scrambled eggs with ham. Potatoes were doused in what seemed to be paprika but completely lacking in flavor. Service, as it is generally in this quirky hotel, was good. Prices again reasonable at $15 for breakfast.

A day of skiing left us hungry and feeling a bit adventurous so we decided to try the Himalayan Grill for dinner. Ordered some samosas to start. The potato and pea filling was bland. Seemed to be wrapped in a thick egg roll wrapper. The oil probably wasn't hot enough as it wasn't crisp and was greasy. For dinner I had the Lamb Chau Chau which was on the "exotic Himalayn dishes" portion of the menu. Pieces of lamb stir fried with noodles and spices. The noodles reminded me of starch ramen noodles. This dish was also a miss. Husband had the Chicken Karai - which was advertised as a himalayan chicken dish. This arrived and was diced chicken in a brown curry sauce that reminded us of some Northern Indian dishes we've tried over the years. This was actually a pretty good dish. Service was spotty but friendly. Portions were huge and we couldn't eat our way through half of what we'd ordered(the noodles were heavy on the oil as well which made it hard to get through the whole dish). We'd pass on eating here again and go back to pizza, pasta and Thai which are our standard Flagstaff options. Dinner was $36 with two iced teas(indian and himalayan beers are offered as well as wine).

This morning husband wanted Cracker barrel blueberry pancakes so nothing exciting to report there. Finished the weekend off with a late afternoon lunch at Greasewood Flats on the way back home. Like the Farm it's always nice to pass an afternoon up at Greasewood Flats...particularly when the weather is like it was today.

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  1. As you can see from my name, I am a huge Beaver Street fan. I always used to frequent it while I was a Valley resident, and have continued to do so since moving to Flag. I was actually there on Sunday for lunch and it was an all-around great experience. We had a five-year-old and 13-month-old in our group, but we felt completely comfortable sitting at a table in the general bar area (so we could watch ASU beat UofA in basketball!). I tried the Brewer's Platter for the first time, which included three bratwurst sausages. I only tackled two of them - one was a little spicy while the other was more traditional. It came with spiced apples and mashed potatoes with parsely butter. All in all, it was a perfect Sunday lunch. My BF had my favorite thing on the menu and said it was the best he's ever tasted it - the Meatloaf Sandwich.

    As for Himalayan Grill, I tried the lunch buffet when I first moved here and was quite underwhelmed. I have heard some positive things about it since then, so I will definitely give it another try.

    As a new Flagstaff resident, I am still discovering new places, but there is nothing I love more than working downtown and being able to walk to places like Mountain Oasis for lunch. And, I'm only two hours from Phoenix, so I can still pay attention to the Chowhound boards and monitor all the new places I need to try!

    1. I went to the Himalayan Grill a few months ago after a day of snowshoeing and I liked it. I ordered Palak Paneer and it was pretty tasty - well spiced, good portion size, lots of cheese chunks (yum!), etc. My boyfriend also liked his dish but I can't remember what it was (probably chicken something-or-other). I had some rice putting for dessert and that was good as well. We'd definitely go back if we were in Flagstaff and in the mood for that sort of food. The service was kind of space-cadet-like and pretty spotty, but the food was worth it for us.

      My only can't-miss place in Flagstaff is Martanne's. I know people swear by the chilaquiles but a bowl of posole with some runny egg yolk in it is the perfect thing for me on a cold morning.

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      1. re: sistinas

        Where is Martannes's?

        FWIW, the Himalayan in Santa Fe is also so-so. IMS this is a small chain, with another outlet in Durango??

        You should try the posole at Ti Gavo (Enchantment) next time you're in Sedona. Nontraditional but excellent, a bowl makes a nice light lunch for $10, plus the wonderful Boynton Canyon views!

        Happy eating--
        Pete Tillman

        1. re: Tillman

          Martanne's is on 10 N San Francisco Street. It's open for breakfast and lunch and there's often a wait.