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best indian delivery in san francisco

I love a creamy chicken tikka masala that is well spiced, but not over kill. I also like butter chicken, and good samosas. I like white meat chicken too, and dont want to order from a super divey place cause sf has no ratings on their restaurants.

The Naan also has to be top notch meaning not soggy or rubbery.

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    1. I'll probably be chastised for saying this, but I love Rotee. Whether I eat in or get it delivered, the food always tastes fresh. They use little to no oil, and I love their tikka masala sauce. Rotee delivers to the Nopa/Haight/North Park area.

      For samosas, I prefer Ganges, but they don't deliver.

      400 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

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        That's my experience too. We live in NoPa and Rotee is who we use. We both commented on how non-greasy the food was, and how flavorful it was considering the comparatively low fat content. Our opinion could have been influenced by the fact that it was a Friday night at 10 PM after a long work week, it was raining cats and dogs, and our food arrived at our front door promptly and hot.

        One nice thing is for tandoori chicken, you can specify what chicken part you want, and we got two legs, no complication, no argument, and no confusion.

        We didn't try the naan, under the theory that it can never be good as take out. The papadums and rice were both adequate--not high end rice with nice whole spices but spiced and tasty enough.

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          Using little to no oil...? Very Suspect.

        2. Currently, I'm a fan of Mehfil. Its definitely solid Northern Indian food, not so greasy still quite tasty.

          Mehfil Indian Cuisine
          600 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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            In what areas does Mehfil deliver? Their Web site doesn't say anything about it.

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              Per their website.
              Our delivery is FREE, to the following zip codes, with a minimum of $20.00 per order.

              94102 94103 94104
              94105 94107 94108

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                Thanks, I was sure Mehfil delivered but couldn't find that. They bury it on the "location" page:


                That's the best Indian place I know of that delivers.

          2. To find out ratings this is a great site - http://www.cleanscores.com/.
            We've been so disappointed with delivery as it seems so hit and miss from so many places - it may be good one time but not the next.
            FYI - not delivery - not Indian but Himalayan - but have recently fallen in love with Taste of the Himalayas on Lombard, check it out, outstanding Tikka Masala (Kukhura Tikka here) and the Momos are fabulous.

            1. another vote for Rotee if you're looking for delivery.

              We've been slowly working our way through grubhub.com to find the best delivery options for our house. You put in your address and it tells you who will deliver to that area. It takes the time of day into account and greys out any restaurants that are not currently open, the menus & hours are current as well as if there's a minimum order or delivery charge. Very handy.

              1. Spicy Bite rules. Especially for Chicken Tikka -- but not so much for their samosas which are just OK, and butter chicken is not on the menu. And as for soggy nan, that's one reason we pick up rather than take delivery. Any naan, even the best naan, will get soggy if it sits wrapped in foil too long.

                Their vegetarian menu, and their Chinese dishes, are what sets them apart and above the other Indian delivery options. We always get their hot and sour soup with chicken - but only order it 'hot' if you really mean it. Their tandoor dishes are very good too.

                And if you want something even more different that Chinese/Indian fusion, Zante's Indian pizza next door is really tasty - and they deliver. They have not kept up with foodie trends in pizza dough, but the overall taste experience is highly recommended.

                Spicy Bite
                3501 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

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                  I'm going to second Spicy Bite--we love them so much that we ordered from them the day after we got back from a trip to India, and were still very happy. We usually get delivery from them; we tend to solve the soggy naan problem by heating up some Trader Joe's naan, which is surprisingly good.

                2. Udupi Palace may not be exactly what you are looking for (it's vegetarian), but has great food and does delivery within the Mission. I used to do delivery from Alhamra which is alright, but since learning that Udupi does delivery it's at least a once a week affair for me.

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                    I love Udupi Palace but can't imagine a crisp, buttery dosa would travel well. That seems to be the issue with most Indian delivery.

                    But I will second Mehfill, Udupi, and Spicy Bite, all places I enjoy eating in.