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Cheap Eats in Cherry Creek (Denver)

Any recommendations for affordable eating in this area of Denver? Thanks.

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  1. What is your idea of cheap?

    Without knowing that I would suggest Cherry Cricket and Soleil off the top of my head but getting an idea of price range and cuisine or other restrictions would help.

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      Any cuisine is fine. I'm thinking places that do take-out, say $25 per person at most. What type of places are the ones you listed?

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        I'm not sure if Rodney's does takeout, but entrees are about $10-$15. Try the flat burger.

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          Cherry Cricket is burgers. Soleil is Mediterranean. Both would fit in under the $25 per person. Hapa sushi also has a decent happy hour that you could probably do for under $25 pp.

      2. Not sure if you will consider this really cheap, but I love Rodney's. I think their burgers are even better than the Cherry Cricket.

        1. you can't go wrong with the cricket burger... always a fun time... for a great dinner with a group (2 at least) hop to wash park and have an italian family style dinner at carmines on penn... you are crazy if you miss troy cone, denver's best bartender (imho) when he is at the bar, it is sure to be one the best dining experiences you've ever had... (food is ok, maybe not the best CH food, but the service he gives makes up for it... ask for one of his fancy gelato cocktails he'll make you for dessert...)

          1. Hapa Sushi does a lunchtime Bento Box that is a steal for under $10. You could also check out the Cherry Creek Grill.

            Brix used to fit your bill perfectly, but they upped the prices on their menu about a year ago without improving their food at all. Not cool and we haven't been back since the price of everying increased by more than 50%.

            For pub food and a beer, I quite like The Irish Hound.

            It's possible to get out of Little Ollie's for under $25 a person.

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            1. There is a Whole Food in Cherry Creek with prepared foods, fresh-made sandwiches and a soup and salad bar. Over on Colorado Blvd at 8th Ave is the Spicy Pickle (a local chain, I think) that has soups, sandwiches and salads. Heidi's Deli and Swing Thai are in the same area. None of these are fine dining, but definietly take-out and well within your price range.

              1. I like New Saigon for good Vietnamese. They are somewhat upscale (not a divey Asian place), but still moderately priced. They are actually on the third floor of their building (off 2nd and Steele I think), so there are actually nice views from some of the tables.

                1. The little Crepes place (2nd and Detroit?) is also good for a quick and inexpensive ($6-8) bite.

                  1. You actually have quite a few options (surprisingly), and it depends on what you want, and what time of day you want it...

                    lots of chain restaurants and cafes, so you always have that option if you like that sort of thing...

                    but, here are my recs (as I hate chain restaurants):
                    Breakfast: the eggshell (popular, not "amazing", but quite good; Denver does good breakfasts with thick cut bacon and sausage)
                    Sushi: sushi tazu (as cheap as sushi gets without feeling like it's Russian Roulette; great fresh sushi and really good japanese dishes if you don't want raw fish)
                    A few blocks north of the true cherry creek area (colorado and 8th Ave): swing thai and that pickle sandwich place are popular in denver and cheap, but not great IMO

                    The happy hour is where the best deals are at, early evening and late night:
                    Kona Grill (at the mall has the best happy hour food and drink prices, gourmet pizza, sushi, apps)
                    North (elegant and nice for drinks and lovely apps, but not much in the way of real food)

                    Oh, and places to stay away from (overpriced, overstuffed and self-consciously hip or pretentious):
                    Cherry Creek Bar and Grill (diner for rich folks; some people like the food, though)
                    Cucina Colore (looks nice, but food and service and pretention are so bad it's in a class of its own)
                    Little Ollie's (fake Chinese food, but if you like American-Chinese takeout, it's cheap and you may enjoy it)

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                      I have to strongly disagree with the recommendation of Kona Grill. I've had such poor service there and not very good food to top it off. Drinks were severely watered down during happy hour and the attitude of the bartenders was atrocious.

                      I find it interesting that even though you say you hate chains you've recommended two (Kona Grill and North).

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                        I also didn't really like the Kona Grill, food was just ok, and the service was not good.

                        I'm not sure what you mean about the Cherry Creek Grill being a diner for rich folks. It's nothing like a diner. I'm one of the "some people" who like the food there. The BBQ Salmon (which is no longer regularly on the menu but is a special sometimes) and the Ahi Tuna salad are two of my favorite meals. It can be a little bit of a meat market at times, but IMO the food and service make up for that drawback.

                      2. I've always been a fan of Chez Jose's, just off of the intersection of 2nd Ave. and Milwaukee in Cherry Creek. They are locally owned, fast casual (like a home grown, authentic Chipotle) place serving fresh-mex burritos, tacos and quesadillas and their dining room features a home-made salsa bar and fun salsa music on the hi-fi. They serve mexican & domestic beer, margaritas and wine also. A small patio is outdoors to enjoy on nice days. My favorite thing to order is the giant grilled steak quesadilla-- I pile it high with jalapeno onion relish and salsa verde from the salsa bar--- drip-down-your-arm delicious!