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Feb 10, 2008 05:11 PM

A Real Test of China Chowhounds - Hefei

Hi Gang,

We're returning to China in several months for a "homeland' visit with our two adopted daughters. The info on the many Beijing and Shanghai restaurants will be very handy for the front and back end of our trip. But the middle may be a bit more challenging. We're heading to both our daughters' adoption cities, which are rather off the beaten path. One of them is from a small town outside of Hefei, the capital on Anhui province.

Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations in Hefei? If not, or in addition, are there any "must eat" regional specialites? We're also going to drop down to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) while in the province, so any recommendations for Huangshan/Tunxi would also be appreciated.

I'll post seperately about the other orphanage city, which won't be any easier than Hefei.

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  1. I've never been to Hefei, but I'll accept any excuse to Google, so here goes. The first link is a nice list of typical dishes you might find there, complete with notes of what you might find in em'; the last link is just for yucks:

    Since Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province, and Anhui cusine is (for reasons I never quite understood) one of China's Eight Great cuisines, searching on Anhui cuisine might help. Whatever Anhui's famous for I'd expect to be represented in its capital.

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      Thanks Xiao Yang. These were very helpful

    2. i suggest you check out the Lonely Planet guide for China. Don't have it handy but I have found that they often have some pretty good "starter" restaurants listed. Also, I have had luck in checking Chinese cookbooks for ideas on regional specialties.

      have a great trip!

      1. My wife and I spent several very pleasant days in Tunxi last spring, on the way to and from Huang Shan. We very highly recommend this restaurant in Tunxi: Meishi Renjia 美食人家。 It's at one end of 老街, which itself is a wonderful street for walking and looking.
        We spent a few days on Huang Shan, and we found no food of any note. But one doesn't go there to eat.
        This is off topic, but there are wonderful Huizhou villages near Tunxi. LP has some information.

        1. Michael, Jenn, Xiao Yang,

          Thank-you all for your help. And other China Chow Hounds, I'm still eager for additional input.

          Michael, I assume LP means Lonely Planet. If I'm wrong, let me know.

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            We're all waiting with bated breath for the name of the OTHER challenging city.

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              I figured I'd let this one run a while a see what i got, before posting the other city, but with no new input over the last few days, I'll got ahead and post the other.

          2. Thanks to all who have replied so far. They ahve been very helpful. We leave on June 10th, so this is the last chance for any last minute suggestions. If anyone has recommendations on specific restaurants that rise above the rest, we'd love to hear them.

            Thanks, and good eating!