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Feb 10, 2008 05:09 PM

Georgetown Cupcake

So there's a new cupcake place opening just off M Street in Georgetown, on Potomac St. Their sign says they're "opening soon." Should be interesting.

In other M Street food news, they opened a new Qdoba to compete with the Chipotle, as well as a second Starbucks outpost.

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  1. ^^Between Booyemonger and Dean & Deluca?

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    1. re: beauxgoris

      Yes, in the spot where there used to be a little boutique.

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      1. That is so exciting! I've been hoping DC would join in the cupcake craze!!

        1. This place is five years late. The cupcake crazy came and gone--in every city but here (we never had too many options)-- for a good reason. Hopefully this place with be more like a bakery with a wide range of sweets.I think cupcakes are too trendy and overrated. Now if they opened a place exclusively devoted to brownies that would be another story...

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          1. re: Jacey

            I don't really care about the timliness of the trend as much as if they offer red velvet cupcakes. Then I will be their best customer. I full-heartedly support the cupcake trend. Plus it allows me to indulge without having to buy an entire cake myself. :)

              1. re: Elyssa

                If you love red velvet cupcakes, you have to try the one from Buzz Bakery and Cafe in Alexandria. Across the street from their sister restaurant Rustico. I tried it at the Del Ray Arts Festival this past year. The cashier commented that "Oh, she spotted the red velvet cupcakes" when she saw my face light up.

                Lots of cream cheese frosting.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  there's a great red velvet cupcake at baked & wired in gtown. right off of M street on thomas jefferson.
                  try it :)

                  1. re: bella00

                    I had their red velvet cupcake a week ago and it was perfect. Moist cake and delicious frosting. I'm totally sold on Baked and Wired now and not really loving Georgetown Cupcake. I took my sister-in-law to B & W this weekend so she could get the red velvet (her wedding cake flavor). I got the delicious coconut cupcake. Mmmmm!

                2. re: Jacey

                  I disagree...slightly...Jacey. The problem isn't that cupcakes are trendy and overrated. The problem is that people try to charge too much for them. Long after the trendiness is gone, people will still be looking for a good cupcake (whether its from one of these hoidy-toidy places, or Giant Food). If you go to NYC or Chicago...or any big city with a foodie culture, you'll find places that have served great cupcakes for eons...and reasonable prices.

                  1. re: Sean D

                    Disagree--they are a trend. The new trend is rice pudding. DC will get that in about 7 years.

                    1. re: Jacey

                      I think there is a slight difference, Jacey. I don't think that rice pudding is going to be the type of item that will inspire people to open up gourmet pudding shops, or to write cover stories on food magazines. You're right that they are a trend, in terms of this. But, I've never seen a time in my 40+ years when cupcakes weren't a typical takeaway item in grocery stores, bakeries, or bake sales.

                      1. re: Sean D

                        "gourmet (rice) pudding shops"

                        I wish they had a branch here in DC.

                        1. re: bogart

                          Exactly, Bogart.

                          Sean D: If I were you, I'd research how food trends develop. Cupcakes used to be for little kids to pass out on their birthdays at school, now look at them. Look how sun dried tomatoes, miso-everything, tangy yogurt, etc came to be popular. Tangy yogurt started off in Korean markets years ago. Look at it now. I work in the food/marketing industry, and understand what has potential. Rice pudding is an upcoming trend, as was bubble tea a few years ago, and tangy yogurt now (all these have an Asian influence).

                          1. re: Jacey

                            this is a great reply, hope that it isn't moderated.

                            1. re: WestIndianArchie

                              Thanks, I think a lot of people who think they are foodies know very little about food and food trends. Often their opinions get intertwined...

                            2. re: Jacey

                              Thanks for the advice, Jacey. I too have been in business for over 20 years and I have degrees in communications, marketing, and a recent MBA. (I'm also Asian.)

                              With all due respect to you and Bogart, it's a very, very desperate stretch to equate a multi-faceted, takeaway food like a cupcake with a developing fad like rice pudding. Sure, they are both fad-driven, but do they both subscribe to the same range of business models? Can they both appeal to the same type of vertical markets? Do they both appeal to the same target market? If you can reconcile these (and other) business factors, you have a vivid imagination.

                              Yes, many food fads have an Asian influence. However, this does not really determine how those fads will manifest themselves in the marketplace. To say that rice pudding is going to be the type of product that will be classified as a "disruptive innovation" to cupcakes is farfetched.

                              BTW - Your quasi-elitist foodie attitude is a bit pathetic.

                            3. re: bogart

                              I've been to that rice pudding place. It's good. I remember when I saw it a few years ago I was shocked that there was a rice-pudding only shop....only in NYC :)

                              It's a fun concept, but I don't think a city really needs more then one.

                              1. re: bogart

                                if we get a branch here, do we also get an illegal cockfighting ring?


                          2. re: Sean D

                            Sean D: Could you please list one or two of those places in NYC or Chicago that sell great cupcakes for reasonable prices? Do you mean supermarkets? Ignoring supermarkets, other than Baltimore and Philly, I have not found simple, good cupcakes in the 60 cent range. (Of course, I have visited only a few cities.)

                            1. re: bmorecupcake

                              Honestly, I can't name any places in NYC or Chi, bmorecupcake because they are so common. I've been to plenty of them over the years. If you can find a place that sells homemade black and white cookies, hamentashen (sp?), cannolis, baklava, etc in NYC or Chi, its not unusual for them to have killer cupcakes. I don't include supermarket cupcakes and I was thinking of cupcakes that are between $1.50 and $2.50. I've even found such stuff in little news stands type food places in train and bus stations in those cities. I think that one of the problems is that we tend to see cupcakes mostly in their trendy dimension, as opposed to something that has always been around.

                              1. re: bmorecupcake

                                Bmorecupcake/Sean D: Most delis that have cupcakes are either overly processed or shipped in. Often they get them from places like Sysco and sell them. This is very common at a lot of places I believe Sean is referring to. By my old apt in NYC, I went to a couple of delis on a regular basis and I used to chat with the guys who worked there. Some things like cakes and cupcakes were too messy and time consuming/messy to make on the grounds, so they would outsource them from the same place all 400 delis would. There are some delis that do make their own, but they're usually not using high quality ingredients.

                                Bmorecupcakes, if you are ever on the UWS in NYC, stop by Fairways (or one of their other locations). They make their own sweets and are quite good and reasonable. Then again, just about everything at Fairways is great.

                          3. Georgetown Cupcakes opens on Valentine's Day and I was in there Sunday evening ordering cupcakes for a Tarts & Vicars party - which has been postponed but the cupcakes are soooo beautiful! They had Red Velvet, Chocolate chocolate, key lime, mocha, lemon, etc. They will have Illy coffee. It will be so cute and convenient too - three doors off of Wisc. just past Subway. So I will have the Jerrod veggie delite and then go for a cupcake. I still love Booeys and D&D. But this is so Bridget Jones. Anyone joining me on 2/14/08??

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                            1. re: Principessa Overboard

                              So they DO have Red Velvet!!! That's great news. Do you know if it had cream cheese frosting? Did you get to taste the cupcakes or just see them?

                              1. re: Elyssa

                                Will be going today to pick up some cupcakes! If you're going there, might as well do a taste test between Georgetown Cupcakes and Baked&Wired, just a few blocks down: