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Feb 10, 2008 04:50 PM

Gabby's Pork Ribs.......... Have you tried them?


I am a big fan of great ribs and I was told Gabby's on Danforth put out a great rack. I was in the pub last Wednesday but did not see them on the menu but there was a notice at the table saying "Thursday was rib night at Gabby's". After I had ordered the half price wings the waitress informed me that they had ribs every night. Too late by then to reorder.
I'm assuming rightly or wrongly that the ribs might be better on the Thursday since it''s their special that night. I work on Thursday nights so would have to order them on another day other than on Thursdays
A couple of questions, Chowhounds;

1) Generally speaking how do you rate their pork ribs?
2) Is Thursday, in fact the better of the two nights to order them?

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  1. I haven't had the ribs at the Gabby's on Danforth but tried them once at the one on Kingston Road. Really fatty, wouldn't get them again. I think it may even have been a Thursday night, I can't recall for certain.

    1. On a whim my wife and I stopped by the Gabby's on Kingston Rd on a Thursday evening about 18 months ago. As the ribs were on special, and I like ribs, I ordered a serving with fries.

      I'll agree with Corrie on this one, the ribs were very fatty. In fact, I believe they're the worst ribs I've ever had. More fat than meat and I recall something weird about the sauce as well. Definitely not worth ordering, even at the discounted Thursday price.

      As I'm passive by nature, I didn't complain. However, I'll vote with my wallet and will probably never enter a Gabby's again. I just don't understand how a restaurant could get away with selling ribs that were that sub-standard. I've done a poor job cooking up inexpensive supermarket ribs before and had much better results!

      If you're in that end of town, I've had good ribs at Murphy's Law and Lion on the Beach.

      Your mileage may vary...

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      1. re: thedeltaskipper

        I should also mention that I have had good ribs in the Beach at The Fill Station which is pretty much due south from Gabby's right on Queen Street. Huge portion but with actual meat and not all fat! They also make homemade potato chips for the side which were pretty good.

        1. re: Corrie

          Nice to hear folks recommending Beach eateries again after some of the awful reviews I've read on here recently. I'll keep that place in mind, Corrie
          Btw can you tell me if the ribs came sauced up or dry-rubbed?

          1. re: fruglescot

            Definitely very "saucy". Not gourmet grub but good place to watch a game, they have tvs everywhere in that place.

        2. re: thedeltaskipper

          Murphy's is right across from work., Deltaskipper
          I'm wondering if this is just specific to the KR location because the person that recommended the Danforth and Pape location seems to know her food. I might just wait and hear from some others who have eaten at the chain before writing them off completely. However, I'll definitely avoid the KR location for the Thursday night special.
          Any Hounds had the Danforth Gabby's experience?