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Feb 10, 2008 04:41 PM

How's about Battleground Deli in Freehold?

Haven't seen it on Yelp or Chowhound. My dad's been there quite a few times and says its very good. I think he said they use Boar's Head. He said the only thing weird about it is that it usually runs out of stuff and closes at 3 o' clock. Anyone got any experiences?

It's on Tennent Road, next to that Serafino's garage or something. If you head down the road, you'll hit Clayton brick/masonry and then 9 around the empire diner.

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  1. My brother in law loves this place!! I have never been either, curious about others.

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    1. My sister loves the place, too. She's taken me there once or twice to get tuna subs to take out. The counter lady is very friendly. They get lots of business from construction/landscaper workers, etc..

      1. I haven't been there in a bout 2 years, but the sandwiches were always good and fresh. Usually only women working there and always closed by late afternoon. I would recommend them for a good sub.